How to choose the right stringing machine

How to choose the right stringing machine

Badminton players know that a well-strung racket that’s suited to your game can make all the difference on court. So, for those who take the sport seriously, having the right stringing machine is just as important as having the right racket. Yonex, one of the top badminton brands in the world, offers a range of electronic stringing machines to suit the needs of players of all levels. Here, we look at four popular models used by us at Central Sports.

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Yonex ES5 Pro - x 4

The Yonex ES5 Pro has a robust and sturdy design, which provides a stable platform for stringing. The ES5 Pro is equipped with a powerful motor that can string a racket in just a few minutes and features a large digital display that can adjust to a wide range of tension settings with the touch of a button.

As reliable as its always been, the original Yonex Electronic is the first electronic machine we ever invested in as a company all those years ago - they’re so good we have 4 of them!


Yonex ES5 Protech - x 2

The ES5 Pro’s big brother, this machine is designed to be compact and lightweight, making it easy to store and transport. It features an adjustable string clamp that can accommodate strings from 0.61mm to 1.32mm in diameter and has a simple control panel with a digital display that shows the tension. It’s tension lock system allows for consistent stringing.


Yonex Precision 5.0 x 2

When this machine first launched it looked like something from Star Trek, a vast improvement from the ES series. It’s plastic casing might not have the same premium feel, but it’s what’s inside the machine that counts! This machine features a more robust and durable design, with a larger frame that is more stable and provides more room for the user to work. The Precision 5.0 also has a more advanced control panel with a larger digital display and a wider range of tension settings.


Yonex Precision 9.0 (1 being used, 1 on the way!)

Simply put, this is the best machine in the world. If the Precision 5.0 was economy, the Precision 9.0 is the Emirates First Class Suite!

The Precision 9.0 is a top-of-the-line stringing machine equipped with a powerful motor that can string a racket in just a few minutes. Like its predecessors, it features a large digital display with adjustable tension settings, however what makes the Precision 9.0 different is its accuracy. The machine is designed to maintain a consistent tension throughout the stringing process, which helps to ensure that the racket is strung evenly and with the correct tension. This is critical to ensure peak performance for players and to increase the life of the strings. 

The Precision 9.0 is equipped with a range of adjustable clamps that can accommodate strings of different sizes and thicknesses and also features advanced technologies that make it one of the best stringing machines available.


Not only this, but Central Sports also have two fantastic Yonex Precision Scan Machines. These machines scan rackets to:

  • analyse against customers’ existing rackets
  • ensure any customisation is balanced
  • ensure consistency when multiple rackets are bought
  • help spot fakes
  • compare the weight and balance points of rackets

 Check out this video our staff member and CKYEW made during the Yonex All England explaining how it works.

Whether you are a beginner or an advanced player, there is a Yonex machine that can string your racket with the perfect tension to suit your playing style. The one that’s right for you will depend on your level of skill, budget, and the type of stringing you want to do.

So don’t forget, when you purchase your next racket with a professional string upgrade, only the finest of machinery is used at Central Sports.

Why not sign up for a racket MOT or restring on your existing racket here:

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