Why are grip socks an on-court essential?

Why are grip socks an on-court essential?

Introducing the new YONEX YS0423 Grip Socks, a UK pioneered sock that enhances the grip inside your shoe.

Working together with the wave toe technology in the Yonex Power Cushion badminton shoes, the socks will help prevent injuries, guarantee more agile footwork and ensure ultimate comfort.

Why are grip socks an on-court essential?

Improved traction: The grip material provides additional traction and grip on smooth surfaces, helping to reduce the risk of slips and falls. This is particularly important for sports that require fast changes of direction, such as badminton or tennis.

Enhanced comfort: Grip socks are made of soft, breathable materials that help to keep the feet comfortable and dry during physical activity. This can help to reduce the risk of blisters and other foot-related injuries.

Protection: Grip socks can help to protect the feet from cuts and abrasions during rigorous hours of play.

These features can help to enhance performance and reduce the risk of injury during physical activity, while the unique sole compound ensures total inner foot comfort and stability.

The YONEX YS0423 Grip Socks are the perfect socks for when you next step on court.


3D Ergo

Right Angle Design

Gripped Foot

L and R Foot shaped

Yonex Technology + Grip, never lose your footing again! YS 0423

The worst thing about getting a new pair of white socks is when the sole inevitably changes colour and they just don’t look or feel good anymore in your head. Well kudos to the designer on this one for using a black sole on the sock!

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