Elevate Your Tennis Game with Central Sports: Your Premier Club and Coach Partner

Unmatched Support for Tennis Clubs Across the UK

Central Sports, a proud member of the YC Group alongside esteemed partners YC Sports and Maurice Robinson Sports, has carved a niche in the tennis world as a leader in club support. Our reputation speaks volumes: we are often hailed as the top independent retailer for tennis equipment and services. At our core, we honour the legacy of Maurice Robinson Sports, the UK’s most storied sports shop, renowned for its dedication to tennis and badminton in Birmingham.

Comprehensive Solutions for Your Club's Success

Receive the best club ball and equipment prices on offer when you join our scheme.

We go beyond just selling equipment. Our extensive range includes everything from tennis nets, posts, windbreaks, and umpire chairs to high-tech speed guns and ball machines. We're also experts in court construction, floodlighting, and maintenance, ensuring your facilities are always top-notch. Think of us as your all-in-one tennis resource!

Specialized Support for Tennis Coaches

For coaches, we offer exclusive contract arrangements with leading tennis brands like Yonex, Babolat, Head, and Wilson. Our network is designed to connect coaches with top-tier services and unbeatable prices. Plus, our affiliate discount program benefits both you and your clients.

Exclusive Benefits for Tennis Club Members

Club members can enjoy special discounts and our unique demo scheme, allowing them to test rackets before purchase. If your club is seeking to elevate its tennis program, reach out to us at info@centralsports.co.uk to explore our partnership opportunities.

Demo Days:

We love coming to visit your clubs with the latest rackets for trial, and even send out whole demo bags for coaches to share for a few weeks giving your members and clients a great experience of the latest and greatest.

Premier Tennis Equipment from Leading Brands

We specialise in the latest tennis rackets and shoes from renowned brands such as Yonex, Wilson, Babolat, Head, and Prince, ensuring you always play with the best.

Meet Coach Sena: Your Personal Tennis Guru

Sena, the founder of Diamond Tennis Academy, brings over 30 years of coaching experience and a deep passion for tennis. His qualifications are impressive: a Master club coach award, UKCCL5, degrees in Accountancy, Management, and Professional Tennis Coach Management. Sena is more than a coach – he’s a tennis enthusiast dedicated to helping you improve your game. You can reach out to him at any point as a help and guide for any club/management/equipment recommendations.

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Ready to join our tennis coach/club partner scheme? Contact us at info@centralsports.co.uk and let's discuss how we can collaborate to enhance your tennis experience.