What is the Yonex Precision Scan?

What is the Yonex Precision Scan?

Yonex has launched its first swing weight machine, Precision Scan, a state-of-the-art device that simultaneously measures the weight and balance of any tennis, squash or badminton racket in seconds. Here at Central Sports we have two machines across our stores.

Traditionally, the weight and balance of a racket has been measured separately, with balance traditionally calculated by vision and feel. However the new Precision Scan eradicates the inaccuracies of this method, providing total weight, side weights, balance and swing weight data. Using the machine is very user-friendly – simply place the racket in position, touch the button and your statistics will be generated in five seconds.

This machine also incorporates a new metric that is exclusive to Yonex – Performance Swing Weight. More accurate than average swing weight, this is calculated by gathering all the seperate data elements together into a single value. This allows players to find the most suitable model to their game and to understand their needs in a racket.

The memo function, which can save measurement results five times, also makes it easy to compare specifications of different rackets.

The Precision Scan enables us to:

  • Analyse against customers’ existing rackets
  • Ensure any customisation is administered in a balanced manner
  • Ensure consistency in multiples of rackets bought
  • Help spot fakes
  • Compare the swing weight, weight and balance points of rackets

Check out this video we made during the Yonex All England explaining how it works:

 The machine scans:

  • Left Weight & Right weight**
  • Total Weight
  • Balance Point
  • Swing Weight
  • Performance Swing Weight

** mainly designed for tennis rackets to scan that they’ve put lead tape on equally.

We use the PRECISION SCAN to scan all new rackets when they launch and upload the results onto our site. For fair comparison, we always scan the rackets with no strings.

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