Yonex Polytour Rev 1.25mm 12m Pack Tennis String Mint
Yonex Polytour Rev 1.25mm 12m Pack Tennis String Mint
Yonex Polytour Rev 1.25mm 12m Pack Tennis String Mint


Yonex Polytour Rev 1.25mm 12m Pack Tennis String Mint

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Size:12m Set
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Made to match the new Yonex Percept in this strikingly beautiful Mint colourway.

Yonex Polytour Rev Tennis String in Mint Colourway: The Aesthetics of Power

Imagine the perfect blend of cutting-edge technology, unparalleled performance, and exquisite design. The Yonex Polytour Rev Tennis String, specially crafted in Japan and presented in a stunning Mint colourway to complement the new Yonex Percept, epitomizes this perfect fusion.

Key Highlights:

🎾 Silicone Oil Infused Filament (SIF) Technology: The Polytour Rev doesn’t just interact with the ball—it grips it. Thanks to the Silicone oil infusion, players experience a remarkable ball bite and unmatched control, allowing for spins that can leave opponents second-guessing.

🎾 Octagonal Artistry: Breaking away from the conventional, the Yonex Polytour Rev comes with an octagonal structure. This unique design, when married with the SIF technology, propels the string's speed, magnifying its spin potential. The result? A ball rotation that can be the nemesis to your opponents.

🎾 Balance in Every Strike: The string is meticulously engineered to strike the right balance between spin, control, and durability. While it allows you to create the daunting spins, it also ensures your shots are controlled and the string stands the test of intense matches.

🎾 Revolution in Texture: Its name is a nod to its purpose. The "Rev" stands for a revolutionary design aimed at maximizing spin production. The textured surface ensures the ball isn’t merely struck but is gripped, creating trajectories that can be game-changers.

🎾 Consistency is Key: With its high-quality polyester make, the Yonex Polytour Rev promises consistent performance. Not only does it give players the ability to command their shots with precision, but its renowned tension maintenance ensures that this control is a lasting affair.

Why Opt for the Yonex Polytour Rev?

This string is not just about performance; it’s a style statement. Its Mint colourway, designed to match the Yonex Percept, ensures that you don’t just play your best, but you also look the part. It's perfect for the modern player - someone who values both form and function.

In Conclusion: The Yonex Polytour Rev Tennis String is a testament to Yonex's commitment to pushing boundaries in tennis equipment. Whether you're an aggressive baseliner looking for that extra spin or a player seeking the perfect blend of control and aesthetics, the Polytour Rev in its Mint avatar is the tool to elevate your game. Don't just play; revolutionize your game with the Yonex Polytour Rev!