Wilson Lead Tape (WRZ540200)


Wilson Lead Tape (WRZ540200)

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Wilson Lead Tape is a product designed to provide players with the ability to customize their racket's weight distribution. By adding lead tape, you can enhance the power and stability of your racket and tailor it to your individual playing style.

Using Wilson Lead Tape for Customising Your Racket

Why Use Lead Tape?

  1. Power Boost: Adding weight to your racket can increase its power potential, especially if you're finding your shots lack depth or pace.
  2. Stability: By placing tape on specific areas of the racket, you can reduce the racket's twisting during off-center hits, resulting in more consistent shots.
  3. Customised Weight Distribution: Lead tape allows you to adjust the balance of the racket, making it more head-heavy or head-light based on your preference.

Steps to Apply Wilson Lead Tape:

  1. Clean Your Racket: Before applying the lead tape, ensure that the area of the racket where you plan to place the tape is clean and free from dirt or oil. This will help the tape adhere better.

  2. Cut the Tape: Using the measurements marked on the tape, cut the desired length that corresponds to the weight you wish to add.

  3. Choose the Placement: Depending on your needs:

    • For More Power: Add the tape to the racket head. The higher on the head you place it, the more head-heavy and powerful your racket will become.
    • For Better Manoeuvrability: Place the tape near the handle or throat. This will make the racket more head-light, enhancing its manoeuvrability.
    • For Increased Stability: Apply the tape to the 3 o'clock and 9 o'clock positions on the racket head.
  4. Stick the Tape: Once you've decided on the placement, peel off the backing and stick the tape onto the racket. Press down firmly to ensure it adheres securely.

  5. Test Your Racket: Before committing to the new weight distribution, play a few games or rallies to see how the racket feels. Adjust as necessary.


  • Balance is Key: If you place tape on one side of the racket head, ensure you mirror that placement on the opposite side to maintain balance.
  • Start Small: It's better to begin with smaller weight increments and test how they affect your play before adding more.
  • Record Your Changes: Keep a record of where you've placed the tape and how much you've added. This way, you can easily replicate or reverse the changes if needed.


Customising your racket's weight with Wilson Lead Tape is a cost-effective and straightforward way to enhance its performance and adjust it to your unique playing style. Whether you seek more power, stability, or manoeuvrability, lead tape can be a valuable tool in your tennis toolkit. Always consult with professionals and take the time to test the adjustments on the court for the best results.