Selecting Your Babolat Tennis Racket

Selecting Your Babolat Tennis Racket

Choosing the right Babolat tennis racket for you involves careful consideration of the various racket models, string types, tensions, and grip sizes on offer. This guide provides you with valuable insights to help you make an informed decision that suits your playing style and proficiency level.

Introduction to Babolat Tennis Rackets

Babolat have earned a prominent reputation within the tennis racket industry and are favoured by some of the world’s elite players. Rafael Nadal is almost synonymous with the brand, but Babolat also boasts the likes of Garbine Muguruza and Dominic Thiem on their roster. 

Their wide range of rackets includes the Pure Aero, Pure Drive, and Pure Strike models, each catering to different playing styles and skill levels. This guide will delve into the intricacies of these models to help you find the perfect fit for your game.

Racket Models

1. Pure Aero - Unleash Spin and Power

The Pure Aero range, endorsed by Rafael Nadal, is renowned for generating spin, speed, and power due to its aerodynamic design. With a standard weight of 300 grams unstrung, the Pure Aero is ideal for intermediate and advanced players seeking enhanced power and spin.

Beginners, improvers, and junior players may prefer the Pure Aero Lite and Pure Aero Team models for added manoeuvrability. For younger juniors transitioning to adult frames or seeking a lightweight option, the Babolat Pure Aero Super Lite is a great choice.

Advanced players comfortable with heavier rackets can try the Pure Aero Tour, weighing 315 grams unstrung. For more power and comfort, consider the extended Pure Aero Plus.

2. Pure Strike - Precision Control

The Pure Strike range offers players control, feel, and power. Crafted with input from professionals like Dominic Thiem, these rackets strike a balance between power and precision.

The Pure Strike 18x20 model boasts a closed string pattern, providing the utmost control for flatter strokes. Players seeking control with added spin and power can opt for the Pure Strike 16x19 model, both featuring a 98 square inch head size, suitable for advanced players.

Intermediates might prefer the Pure Strike 100, with a larger head size at 100 square inches and a weight of 300 grams unstrung. For ease of swing, the Pure Strike Team at 285 grams unstrung is a popular choice. Juniors and those seeking a lightweight option can consider the Babolat Pure Strike Lite. 

Advanced players desiring stability and heft should take a look at the Pure Strike Tour at 320 grams unstrung.

3. Pure Drive - Unleash Power

The Babolat Pure Drive rackets, a best-seller for over two decades, cater to players seeking added power. The 2021 Pure Drive iteration introduces improvements like the HTR System for enhanced torsional rigidity and SWX Pure Feel for better feel and sound on ball impact.

The standard 300-gram Pure Drive offers versatility for improver players to advanced levels. Intermediate players desiring more manoeuvrability can explore the Pure Drive Team. The Pure Drive Lite suits those seeking an easy-to-swing model, while the Babolat Pure Drive Super Lite caters to juniors and lightweight preferences.

For advanced players seeking stability, the Pure Drive Tour at 315 grams unstrung and the extended Pure Drive Plus are solid options.

Choosing the Perfect Strings

At Central Sports Tennis, you can enhance your racket with premium strings. Consider string stiffness (polyester, mono/multifilament, or hybrid) based on your desired level of control, power, and comfort. Polyester strings offer control and spin, while mono/multifilament strings provide power and comfort. A hybrid combines both attributes. For players dealing with arm discomfort, softer string setups are recommended. See our Babolat String range here.

Understanding String Types: Monofilament vs. Multifilament

Monofilament strings are single-stranded, providing control and durability. 

Multifilament strings, composed of several smaller strands, offer power and comfort.

Pros and Cons of String Types

Monofilament/Multifilament Strings:
  • Pros: Comfort, power, tension retention
  • Cons: Susceptible to breakage, less control

Polyester Strings:

  • Pros: Control, spin, durability

  • Cons: Stiffness, lack of feel, not ideal for arm issues

Popular Babolat Strings

Babolat RPM Blast: Stiff polyester string, excellent for spin and control.

Babolat RPM Soft: Extra soft polyester string

Determining String Tension

String tension ranges from low to high, impacting control and power. Higher tension offers more control, while lower tension provides greater power. Intermediate players usually favour around 52 lbs, while advanced players might opt for higher tension, depending on string type.

Choosing the Right Grip Size

Selecting the right grip size is crucial for a comfortable and effective playing experience. Measure your grip size by either gauging the gap between your palm and longest finger (around the width of a finger) when holding the racket or measuring your hand with a ruler to determine the appropriate size.

Central Sports: Your Racket Specialist

At Central Sports, a premier racket sports retailer, we offer Babolat rackets with optional professional string upgrades. Utilising state-of-the-art electric stringing machines, we ensure consistent quality and performance in our products.

Demo Racket Service

Experience the Babolat Performance frames firsthand through our demo racket service. Explore the various options available on our Demo racket page to make a more informed decision.

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