Yonex Wide Vibration Dampner AC167


Yonex Wide Vibration Dampner AC167

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Yonex Wide Vibration Dampeners


  • Colour Options: Available in sleek Black or pristine White.
  • Wide Design: Engineered to cover a larger area of the string bed for improved shock absorption.
  • Versatile Use: Suitable for all tennis enthusiasts, regardless of skill level.


Yonex’s Wide Vibration Dampeners are meticulously designed to minimize the racket vibrations, providing a cleaner feel upon ball impact. Available in either Black or White, they offer aesthetic flexibility to match various racket designs.

The wide construction of these dampeners allows for increased shock absorption across a larger portion of the string bed, leading to enhanced comfort and reduced risk of tennis elbow and other stress-related injuries. They are easy to install and stay firmly in place during play, ensuring consistent performance throughout the match.

User Benefit:

  • Reduced Vibration: The wide design mitigates the vibrations felt during ball impact, leading to improved comfort and playability.
  • Enhanced Comfort: By absorbing the shock more effectively, players can experience increased comfort and a smoother feel during strokes, which can be particularly beneficial during long matches.
  • Injury Prevention: The effective damping of vibrations can reduce the stress on arm muscles and joints, potentially lowering the risk of overuse injuries like tennis elbow.


Whether you are an avid tennis player or just a recreational enthusiast, Yonex Wide Vibration Dampeners can significantly enhance your playing experience by reducing vibrations and providing a smoother, more comfortable feel during play. Their wide design and colour options make them a versatile and stylish addition to your tennis equipment. By using these dampeners, you can enjoy your time on the court with less discomfort and more focus on your game.