Yonex Stencil Card AC 502 A For 90-99 sq. in.


Yonex Stencil Card AC 502 A For 90-99 sq. in.

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The Yonex String Stencil Card is a useful tool for tennis players who want to add a professional touch to their rackets. This card allows players to neatly apply the iconic YY Yonex logo onto the strings of their rackets. Here's a closer look at its features and how to use it effectively:

Features of Yonex String Stencil Card:

  1. Design: Specifically crafted for creating the Yonex logo on racket strings.

  2. Compatibility: Ideal for rackets with a string area of 90-99 square inches.

  3. Usage: Recommended to have one card per color of ink for maintaining cleanliness during application.


  • Professional Look: Adds a neat and professional appearance to your racket, similar to what you might see with professional players.

  • Brand Loyalty: Shows off brand loyalty and adds a personalized touch to your equipment.

  • Clean Application: Designed to ensure that the logo is applied cleanly and precisely.

How to Use:

  1. Prepare the Racket: Place your racket securely on a flat surface. Make sure the strings are clean and dry.

  2. Position the Stencil Card: Align the stencil card over the strings where you want the logo to appear. It's usually centered on the racket's string bed.

  3. Apply the Ink: Use a stencil ink (purchased separately) and apply it over the cut-out areas of the stencil card. Be sure to apply the ink evenly.

  4. Remove the Card: Carefully lift the stencil card from the racket to reveal the Yonex logo.

  5. Let it Dry: Allow some time for the ink to dry completely before using the racket.


  • One Card Per Color: If you are using different colors of ink, it's advisable to use a separate stencil card for each color to avoid mixing and smudging.

  • Gentle Application: Apply the ink gently to avoid it from seeping under the stencil and blurring the logo.

  • Cleaning: Keep the stencil card clean by wiping off any excess ink after use.


  • Store the stencil card in a flat, dry place to keep it in good condition.

  • Clean the card regularly to ensure a crisp logo every time you use it.


The Yonex String Stencil Card is a great accessory for tennis players who take pride in their equipment's appearance. It allows for a clean and professional application of the Yonex logo, adding a touch of style to your racket. By following the recommended usage and maintenance tips, you can keep your racket looking great match after match.