Yonex Rexis 1.25mm 200m Tennis String Black


Yonex Rexis 1.25mm 200m Tennis String Black

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Size:200m Reel
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Introducing the Yonex Rexis Tennis String, a high-performance string made in Japan. This innovative string is designed to enhance power, repulsion, and durability on the tennis court. With its unique features and advanced production process, the Yonex Rexis string sets a new standard for performance and playability.

The Yonex Rexis string is produced using YONEX's FRF (Fusion of Resin and Filament) method, a cutting-edge production process that combines resin and filament to create a superior string. This innovative method results in improved power, repulsion, and durability, allowing players to unleash their full potential on the court.

What sets the Yonex Rexis string apart is the incorporation of flexible polyurethane material known as FORTIMO(TM). This makes it the world's first string to utilize this advanced material. The flexible polyurethane material enhances the string's power and repulsion, providing players with a dynamic and responsive feel during play. The FORTIMO(TM) technology contributes to a more natural touch and enables players to experience a comfortable impact, allowing for smooth flight and control over the ball.

With a length of 200 meters, the Yonex Rexis string provides ample material for stringing multiple rackets, ensuring you have a consistent and reliable string setup for extended periods of play. Its multifilament construction further enhances playability, offering a soft and responsive feel on every shot.

Elevate your game with the Yonex Rexis Tennis String. Experience improved power, repulsion, and durability with the innovative FRF production process and the incorporation of flexible polyurethane material. Enjoy a more natural touch, comfortable impact, and smooth flight of the ball. Choose Yonex Rexis, the string that sets a new standard for performance and delivers an exceptional playing experience on the tennis court.