Yonex Rexis 1.25mm 200m Tennis String Black


Yonex Rexis 1.25mm 200m Tennis String Black

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Size:200m Reel
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Yonex Rexis Tennis String: The Future of Tennis Performance

Embrace the evolution of tennis technology with the Yonex Rexis Tennis String, a groundbreaking string meticulously crafted in Japan. This string is not just an accessory; it's a testament to Yonex's commitment to innovation and excellence in the world of tennis.

Key Features of Yonex Rexis:

🎾 Advanced FRF Production: At the heart of the Yonex Rexis lies the FRF (Fusion of Resin and Filament) method. This state-of-the-art production technique melds resin and filament to create a string that stands out in power, repulsion, and longevity. Experience a boost in your performance with a string that's engineered to excel.

🎾 Pioneering FORTIMO™ Technology: The Rexis string takes a giant leap in tennis string technology with the inclusion of FORTIMO™, a flexible polyurethane material. As the first string in the world to utilize this advanced material, it offers players a unique blend of power and repulsion, coupled with a dynamic, responsive feel.

🎾 Enhanced Playability: The multi-filament construction of the Yonex Rexis string translates into a soft, responsive touch on every strike. This design not only enhances the feel of the string but also contributes to a more natural playing experience, allowing for smoother control and better ball trajectory.

🎾 Length for Consistency: With a generous length of 200 meters, the Rexis string ensures you have enough material for multiple restringing sessions. This consistency in your string setup is key for players who value uniformity in their equipment.

🎾 Comfortable Impact and Control: The integration of FORTIMO™ technology also means a more comfortable impact, making each shot feel more natural and less strenuous. This feature is particularly beneficial during long matches, reducing the risk of discomfort or injury.

Why Choose Yonex Rexis?

For players seeking to push the boundaries of their game, the Yonex Rexis is an unrivaled choice. Its innovative FRF production process and the introduction of FORTIMO™ material set a new benchmark in string technology. Whether it's power, repulsion, or durability you're after, the Rexis string delivers on all fronts, providing a playing experience that’s both comfortable and high-performing.

In conclusion, the Yonex Rexis Tennis String is a masterpiece of modern tennis engineering. It's not just a string, it's a revolution in how tennis is played. By choosing Rexis, you are not just selecting a string; you are embracing the future of tennis performance. Play with confidence, play with Rexis, and experience the pinnacle of tennis technology in every game.