Yonex Ezone 25" 102 240g Tennis Racket 2022
Yonex Ezone 25" 102 240g Tennis Racket 2022


Yonex Ezone 25" 102 240g Tennis Racket 2022

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Yo, listen up, I got a story to tell,
'Bout a tennis racket that'll raise some hell,
It's the Yonex Ezone 25", a junior's delight,
Graphite and VDM, it's a force to ignite.

Ezone's in the building, bringing that realness,
With the Yonex Ezone 25", feel the greatness,
240 grams unstrung, light yet strong,
Head size 102, where the power belongs.

The beam width's a journey, 24-27-24,
Versatility and control, you'll crave for more,
With 335 millimeters balance, find your rhythm,
This racket's a weapon, there's no way to skim.

16x18 string pattern, it's all about precision,
Keep 'em guessing, disrupt their vision,
25 inches in length, the perfect fit,
Graphite and VDM, craftsmanship that's legit.

This racket's a symbol, a tribute to the game,
Yonex's spirit lives on, it's never the same,
Unleash your potential, rise to the occasion,
The Yonex Ezone 25", your secret persuasion.

So grab the Yonex Ezone 25", embrace the fire,
Channel your passion, let your game inspire,
Yonex's legacy, a reminder of the fight,
With this racket in hand, you'll shine so bright.

This ain't just a racket, it's a piece of art,
Power and Yonex, a fusion of heart,
Elevate your game, make your opponents pay,
The Yonex Ezone 25", your triumph's display.



Weight Unstrung (+/- 5g) 240
Head Size in Sq. in 102
Beam Width (mm) 24-27-24
Balance (+/- 5mm) 325
String Pattern 16x18
Length (inches) 25 inches
Composition Graphite, VDM