Yonex BA42329EX Team Racquet Bag (9pcs) 2024 Black


Yonex BA42329EX Team Racquet Bag (9pcs) 2024 Black

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Size:9 Racket
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Yonex BAG 42329EX Team 9 Racket Thermo: The Ultimate Club/Match Night Companion
Product Overview:

The Yonex BAG 42329EX Team 9 Racket Thermo Bag is a superior-quality, multi-thermo racket bag designed to cater to the needs of serious racket sports players. Its capacity to hold up to 9 rackets along with additional gear makes it an ideal choice for club or match nights.

Key Features:

Spacious Compartments: Two full compartments for storing rackets, apparel, and shoes.
Wet Compartment: A dedicated area for damp clothes or towels, ensuring the rest of your gear stays dry.
Quality Material: Constructed with high-quality polyester for enhanced durability and longevity.
Adjustable Carrying Options: Features an adjustable shoulder/hand carry strap for versatile and comfortable transportation.
Convenient Design: Two-way zippers on full compartments for easy access.
Extra Storage: A small front compartment for additional storage of personal items or accessories.
Color and Style: Comes in a striking scarlet color, adding a touch of elegance and professionalism to your gear.
Product Description:

The Yonex BAG 42329EX Team 9 Racket Thermo Bag is a meticulously designed bag that combines functionality, style, and convenience. It is large enough to hold up to 9 rackets, making it perfect for players who need to carry multiple rackets and changes of clothing. The bag features a wet compartment, ideal for storing damp clothes or towels separately from other items. This thoughtful feature helps maintain the cleanliness and dryness of your other gear. The adjustable shoulder/hand carry strap provides flexible carrying options, ensuring comfort during transportation. Made from 100% polyester, this bag is not only durable but also has a sleek and professional look. The two full compartments with two-way zippers allow for easy packing and access to your equipment, while the small front compartment offers additional storage space for smaller items. The bag's scarlet color is eye-catching and adds to its appeal, making it a fashionable choice for any player.

Ideal For:

Racket sports players needing a medium to large-capacity bag for multiple rackets and gear.
Regular participants in club nights or match nights.
Players seeking a durable, stylish, and functional racket bag.
Why It’s a Must-Have:

The Yonex BAG 42329EX Team 9 Racket Thermo Bag is more than just a racket bag; it is a comprehensive solution for your match night needs. Its spacious design, dedicated compartments, and adjustable carrying options cater to the practical needs of racket sports enthusiasts. The wet compartment is a thoughtful addition that sets this bag apart from others, providing a convenient space to store damp gear separately. The high-quality construction ensures that the bag withstands the rigors of regular use, making it a reliable and stylish companion for your sporting endeavors.


The Yonex BAG 42329EX Team 9 Racket Thermo Bag is a top-tier choice for players who value functionality, style, and durability. It provides ample space for all your essential equipment, ensuring you're always prepared for club or match nights. With its smart design and striking color, this bag not only serves your practical needs but also enhances your court presence.