Yonex Astrox 99 Play Cherry Sunburst
Yonex Astrox 99 Play Cherry Sunburst
Yonex Astrox 99 Play Cherry Sunburst
Yonex Astrox 99 Play Cherry Sunburst
Yonex Astrox 99 Play Cherry Sunburst
Yonex Astrox 99 Play Cherry Sunburst
Yonex Astrox 99 Play Cherry Sunburst
Yonex Astrox 99 Play Cherry Sunburst


Yonex Astrox 99 Play Cherry Sunburst

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Balance (mm)

Flexibility (%)

Total Weight (g)

Swing weight (g)

Performance swing weight (g)


Balance determines whether your racket is head heavy, even or head light.

Flexibility ranges from 0 – 100%, the higher the percentage, the chance of generating power in your shot.

Total Weight is the unstrung weight of the racket as measured by Yonex Precision Scan. Heavier rackets generate more power.

Swing Weight is measured by the swinging of the racket at a specific speed. A lighter swing weight can lead to more control.

Performance Swing Weight considers the weight, balance and swing weight to give you an effective estimate of the power behind your racket.



Unleash Your Potential with the ASTROX 99 Play: Elevating All-Round Performance to New Heights

Experience exceptional value, effortless playability, and remarkable power enhancement with the ASTROX 99 Play. Crafted for players seeking to amplify their power shots and improve their game, this racket is a perfect blend of performance and affordability.

Drawing inspiration from the highly acclaimed Astrox 99 Pro, the ASTROX 99 Play offers outstanding all-round stability and performance at an attractive price point. Manufactured from premium graphite, the racket features a head balance and a Medium flex shaft, providing precise control and optimal shot production for players refining their techniques.

Introducing New Technology and a New Look:

Built upon the legacy of the dominant ASTROX 99 series, renowned for its explosive smash power, the new ASTROX 99 Play introduces cutting-edge technology and a refreshed appearance. In collaboration with men's singles World No. 1, Kento Momota, the ASTROX 99 transcends raw power, delivering the ability to control the pace of the game. Just like the ASTROX 88 S/D models, the ASTROX 99 series now caters to a broader audience, offering versions PRO, TOUR, GAME, and PLAY, each tailored to different skill levels and crafted with the same performance concept.

Slim Shaft for Intermediate Players:

Designed with the Slim Shaft, the ASTROX 99 Play is a budget-friendly option ideal for intermediate players seeking to benefit from the excellence of the ASTROX 99 series.

Technical Specifications:

Flex: Medium
Frame: HM Graphite / NANOMESH NEO / VOLUME CUT RESIN / Tungsten
Shaft: HM Graphite / NANOMESH NEO
Joint: Built-in T-Joint
Length: 10 mm longer
Weight / Grip: 4U (Avg. 83g)

Pre-Strung with Upgrade Option:

The racket comes Pre-Strung from Yonex, with a discounted Restring Upgrade available.
Recommended String for Control Players: AEROBITE BOOST
Recommended String for Hard Hitters: BG66 FORCE
Stringing Advice for 4U: 20 - 28 lbs

Advanced Technology:

Rotational Generator System: Ingenious weight distribution technology designed with the counterbalance theory enables head-heavy racquets to recover faster between shots. The VOLUME CUT RESIN and POWER-ASSIST BUMPER enhance the Rotational Generator System, allowing intricate weight distribution to reach new levels.

POWER-ASSIST BUMPER: Enhanced power with a tungsten-infused weighted bumper, adding 55% more weight* than conventional grommets. The POWER-ASSIST BUMPER optimizes the Rotational Generator System, swiftly transferring more weight to the shuttle.

Wide Diameter Grommets: Control shuttle-release timing with larger grommets designed for enhanced string movement, extending the shuttle contact time.

Unlock Your Potential:

The ASTROX 99 Play empowers players of all levels to elevate their performance on the court. A fusion of innovation, technology, and affordability, this racket is your gateway to unlocking new levels of playability and skill development.

Level: Beginner
Average Weight: 4U5 (80-84.9g)
Balance: Head Heavy
Colors: Cherry Sunburst
Grip: G5
Head Shape: Isometric
Material: Graphite
Player Type: All Round
Shaft Stiffness: Medium
Shaft Construction: Graphite
Shaft Thickness: Normal
Weight: Medium
Max Stringing Tension: 28 lbs