Yonex Arcsaber 7 Pro Free Restring & Upgrades (Unstrung)
Yonex Arcsaber 7 Pro Free Restring & Upgrades (Unstrung)
Yonex Arcsaber 7 Pro Free Restring & Upgrades (Unstrung)
Yonex Arcsaber 7 Pro Free Restring & Upgrades (Unstrung)
Yonex Arcsaber 7 Pro Free Restring & Upgrades (Unstrung)
Yonex Arcsaber 7 Pro Free Restring & Upgrades (Unstrung)
Yonex Arcsaber 7 Pro Free Restring & Upgrades (Unstrung)
Yonex Arcsaber 7 Pro Free Restring & Upgrades (Unstrung)


Yonex Arcsaber 7 Pro Free Restring & Upgrades (Unstrung)

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Balance (mm)

Flexibility (%)

Total Weight (g)

Swing weight (g)

Performance swing weight (g)


Balance determines whether your racket is head heavy, even or head light.

Flexibility ranges from 0 – 100%, the higher the percentage, the chance of generating power in your shot.

Total Weight is the unstrung weight of the racket as measured by Yonex Precision Scan. Heavier rackets generate more power.

Swing Weight is measured by the swinging of the racket at a specific speed. A lighter swing weight can lead to more control.

Performance Swing Weight considers the weight, balance and swing weight to give you an effective estimate of the power behind your racket.


Unleash Your Potential with the Yonex Arcsaber 7 Pro Badminton Racket

Experience the magic of precision and control on the badminton court with the Yonex Arcsaber 7 Pro. This elite world-class racket is the embodiment of dynamic shuttle control and pre-emptive strike ability, making it the perfect weapon for both singles and doubles play. A favourite among players of all levels, the Arcsaber 7 Pro is renowned for its ease of use, exquisite design, and unmatched performance.

The Arcsaber 7 Pro stands as a favourite at Central Sports. Traditionally, it holds the title of our top-selling racket in store, once people have felt it and learnt about it's a sure bet. Its user-friendliness is unparalleled, offering a "get out of jail free" card on the court. With this racket, you can execute a wide array of shots, surpassing your imagination. It feels like a seamless extension of your own body – akin to a magic wand. This racket is universally appealing and approachable, suitable for anyone who picks it up.

While it may not boast the highest power output due to its medium flex shaft and even balance weight, its elegance, precision, and ease of use shine brightly. It enables effortless defensive play for extended periods. Notably favoured by our former CEO, an ex-Wales international, this racket epitomises the fusion of impeccable engineering and design. Its excellence is beyond compare.

Among the new iterations of classic rackets, the Arcsaber 7 Pro undoubtedly claims the title of Yonex's finest creation. The resurgence of the Arcsaber line is a cause for celebration – ARCSABER IS BACK, WITH A BANG!

**Key Features:**

**First Strike Advantage:**

The Arcsaber 7 Pro is tailor-made for players who seek to seize the advantage of a first strike attack, asserting dominance over their opponents. Its meticulously designed optimal flex and torque enhance precision targeting, allowing you to execute assertive and precise shots with finesse.

**Unparalleled Shuttle Control:**

Crafted as an extension of your body, the Arcsaber 7 Pro offers exquisite shuttle control. With a medium flex shaft and even balance weight, this racket empowers you to effortlessly defend and play a wide range of shots with unmatched precision.

**Perfect Blend of Engineering and Design:**

Dubbed the "get out of jail free card," the Arcsaber 7 Pro is a beautiful fusion of perfect engineering and design. It grants you the ability to hit virtually any shot imaginable, making it a versatile tool that feels like an extension of your arm—a magic wand on the court.

**Cutting-Edge Innovations:**

The Arcsaber series, renowned for shuttle hold, presents the reimagined Arcsaber 7 Pro with the "Hold for flight" concept. Its frame structure offers varying flex levels from top to bottom, enhancing shuttle hold while minimizing instability and twisting. The innovative POCKETING BOOSTER lining adds elasticity to the frame's flex, further enhancing shuttle hold and launch speed.

**Technical Mastery:**

- Balance: Even Balance
- Player Type: Advanced Controlling
- Shaft Stiffness: Medium
- Shaft Construction: HM Graphite / Ultra PE FIBER
- Shaft Thickness: Super Slim
- Country of Origin: Japan

**Championed by Elite Players:**

The Arcsaber 7 Pro is trusted by Tokyo Olympic Gold Medalists and elite players worldwide. Athletes like Huang Dong Ping (CHN) and Rawinda Prajongjai (THA) wield its power on the court, solidifying its status as a game-changing racket.

**Unlock Your Potential:**

Elevate your game with the Yonex Arcsaber 7 Pro Badminton Racket. Whether you're a seasoned player or a rising star, this racket will help you achieve a level of control and precision that's second to none. With its revolutionary design, cutting-edge innovations, and superior engineering, the Arcsaber 7 Pro is the ultimate tool to dominate the court. Experience the magic of a racket that seamlessly blends power, control, and ease of use. Elevate your performance and make every shot count with the Yonex Arcsaber 7 Pro.

When it comes to the realm of badminton excellence, the distinction of "Made in Japan" rackets stands as a testament to the pinnacle of craftsmanship, innovation, and precision. Renowned for their uncompromising commitment to quality, elite Japanese graphite technology and manufacturing prowess have elevated these rackets to a league of their own. Every fibre, every detail is meticulously curated with an unwavering dedication to perfection, resulting in rackets that exude unparalleled performance and consistency. This heritage of excellence ensures that each "Made in Japan" racket transcends beyond the competition, outshining rival brands and even Yonex's own models crafted elsewhere. The meticulous artistry and time-honoured expertise that go into creating these rackets ensure that they are not merely products, but true reflections of a legacy that inspires players to achieve greatness on the court. When you choose a "Made in Japan" racket, you're not just making a purchase; you're investing in a legacy of mastery, precision, and the promise of an extraordinary badminton journey.