Yonex AC589 Sports Bottle Blue


Yonex AC589 Sports Bottle Blue

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Yonex Sports Bottle


  • Capacity: 1 Litre
  • Material: Flexible Plastic
  • Top Cap: Secure, No-spilling
  • Usability: Easy to use
  • Design: Sleek, for sports use
  • Brand: Yonex


The Yonex Sports Bottle is a highly practical accessory designed for athletes and fitness enthusiasts. It has a generous 1-litre capacity, ensuring ample supply of your favourite beverage to keep you hydrated during matches and training sessions. It is made from flexible plastic, which is robust and easy to use.

The bottle features a secure, no-spilling top cap, preventing any leakage and ensuring that your bag remains dry. This feature is especially helpful in between intense activities, where quick hydration is necessary without the hassle of spills.

The sleek design and the reputable Yonex brand make it an attractive accessory for sports lovers. It’s not just about functionality; it’s about carrying a bottle that resonates with style and quality.

User Benefit:

  • Large Capacity: Holds up to 1 litre of fluid, reducing the need for frequent refills.
  • Leak-Proof: The secure top cap prevents any spillage, providing convenience on the go.
  • Flexible and Durable: Made from flexible plastic, it is easy to use and is built to last.
  • Stylish Design: Sleek design with the Yonex brand is a stylish addition to your sports accessories.

Use Case:

This Yonex Sports Bottle is ideal for athletes, gym-goers, or anyone involved in physical activities. Whether you are on the badminton court, in the gym, or out running, this sports bottle ensures that you stay well-hydrated without any inconvenience of spillage or frequent refills. Its stylish appearance and practical design make it a preferable choice for sports enthusiasts.


The Yonex Sports Bottle is a perfect blend of style, capacity, and usability. It meets the hydration needs of active individuals with its large capacity and secure, no-spill top cap, and does so with a flair of style inherent to the Yonex brand. For anyone seeking a reliable and stylish hydration companion during sports or workouts, this Yonex Sports Bottle is an excellent choice.