Yonex AC493 Wrist Band
Yonex AC493 Wrist Band
Yonex AC493 Wrist Band
Yonex AC493 Wrist Band


Yonex AC493 Wrist Band

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Yonex Wristband X2 Set


The Yonex Wristband X2 Set is designed to elevate your game by ensuring your hands stay dry and maintain a firm grip on your racquet. Super absorbent and comfortable, these wristbands are perfect for players looking to perform their best on the court, keeping them cool and dry during intense matches.


  1. Super Absorbent: Crafted to absorb maximum sweat, keeping your arms dry and preventing sweat from reaching your grip.
  2. Comfortable: Thick and soft, providing a comfortable fit during long matches or practice sessions.
  3. Optimal Fit: Specifically adapted to prevent sweat from running down your arm and wetting your grip.
  4. Set of Two: Comes in a set of two, allowing for versatility and convenience.


Yonex Wristband X2 is designed to enhance your playing experience by providing a dry and strong grip on the racquet. Whether you are engaged in a casual game or in intense competition, these wristbands ensure you stay cool and dry.

The wristbands are thick and very comfortable, perfectly adapted to prevent sweat running down your arm, thereby protecting your grip from getting wet. This feature is crucial for maintaining optimal control of your racquet and preventing any slippage during play, allowing players to focus entirely on their game.

User Benefit:

  • Enhanced Performance: Stay cool and dry and maintain a firm grip on your racquet, ensuring optimal performance on the court.
  • Convenience: Comes in a set of two, offering versatility and the convenience of always having a spare.
  • Comfort: The thick and soft material provides maximum comfort during prolonged wear, making them suitable for long matches or practice sessions.
  • Prevents Slippage: By keeping the arm dry, it prevents sweat from reaching the racquet, avoiding any loss of grip and control.


The Yonex Wristband X2 Set is an essential accessory for any badminton player, providing comfort and optimal sweat absorption. By preventing sweat from wetting the racquet grip, these wristbands ensure players maintain excellent control and focus on their game. Whether you are a casual player or a competitive athlete, these wristbands will help keep you cool and dry, allowing you to take your game from good to awesome.