Yonex AC492 Wrist Band 2022
Yonex AC492 Wrist Band 2022
Yonex AC492 Wrist Band 2022


Yonex AC492 Wrist Band 2022

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Yonex Black Wristbands


  • Quantity: 1 Pair/Set of Two
  • Material: Soft Cotton
  • Colour: Black
  • Design: Embroidered Logo
  • Fit: Elasticated
  • Height: 8 cm
  • Packaging: Delivered in a 2-pack.


Yonex Wristbands are made of soft, highly absorbent cotton to ensure that players can maintain a dry and strong grip on their racquet. They come in a stylish black color with the brand’s embroidered logo, adding a subtle aesthetic touch while providing functionality. The elasticated fit guarantees that the wristbands stay in place comfortably, allowing players to focus on their game without any distractions.

User Benefit:

  • Highly Absorbent: Effectively absorbs sweat, keeping your hands dry and improving your grip on the racquet.
  • Elasticated Fit: Ensures the wristbands stay securely in place without causing any discomfort or restriction.
  • Soft Cotton Material: Provides a soft and comfortable feel against the skin, ideal for prolonged wear.
  • Aesthetic Appeal: The black colour and embroidered logo add a touch of style to your sportswear.

Use Case:

Yonex Wristbands are ideal for players looking to enhance their performance on the court by maintaining a dry and secure grip on their racquet. Whether you are engaging in intense training sessions or are in the middle of a competitive match, these wristbands ensure you stay cool, dry, and focused on your game. They are a perfect accessory for those who want to combine functionality with style in their sports attire.


The Yonex Black Wristbands are a functional and stylish accessory for players who want to maintain optimum grip and comfort during their games. Their high absorbency and secure fit allow players to push their limits without the inconvenience of sweat, and the aesthetic appeal of the embroidered logo adds a fashionable touch to their attire. Whether you are a professional or an amateur, these wristbands can contribute to elevating your game by ensuring you stay comfortable and in control.