Wilson Shift Pro Performance Grip (Single)


Wilson Shift Pro Performance Grip (Single)

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The Wilson Shift Pro Performance Grip, model WR8438701, is designed for tennis players seeking a high-quality replacement grip to enhance their racquet handling and overall play experience. This grip is known for its comfortable feel and performance-enhancing features.

Key Features:

  • Enhanced Comfort: The Shift Pro Performance Grip is made with materials that provide a comfortable, cushioned feel, reducing hand fatigue during long matches or practice sessions.
  • Moisture Absorption: This grip is designed to effectively absorb sweat, ensuring a dry and secure hold on the racquet, even in intense playing conditions.
  • Tacky Surface: The grip offers a slightly tacky feel, which improves the player's hold and control over the racquet, providing a more secure grip.
  • Durable Material: Made with high-quality materials that are durable and resistant to wear and tear, ensuring the grip lasts through rigorous use.
  • Easy to Apply: The grip comes with a self-adhesive backing and finishing tape, making it easy to apply to your racquet handle.


  • Improved Handle Control: The tacky surface enhances grip control, crucial for precision shots and serves.
  • Comfort in Play: The cushioned feel helps in reducing vibrations and hand discomfort.
  • Suitable for All Weather: Effective moisture absorption makes it suitable for playing in various weather conditions.
  • Long-lasting Use: Durable construction means players won’t have to replace the grip frequently, offering good value for money.

Ideal For:

  • Competitive and Recreational Tennis Players: Who need a reliable grip for better racquet control.
  • Players with Sweaty Hands: The moisture-absorbing properties are beneficial for those who experience sweaty hands during play.
  • Players Seeking Comfort: Particularly those who play for extended periods and want to avoid hand fatigue or discomfort.

Additional Information:

  • Color: Check for available color options to match your personal style or racquet color scheme.
  • Dimensions: Standard size to fit most racquet handles.
  • Installation: While the grip is designed for easy self-installation, some players may prefer professional assistance from a racquet sports shop.


The Wilson Shift Pro Performance Grip WR8438701 is a solid choice for tennis players looking for a combination of comfort, control, and durability in a racquet grip. Its tacky feel and moisture absorption properties make it suitable for various playing conditions and player preferences. By offering enhanced handle control and comfort, it helps players to elevate their game and enjoy a better on-court experience.

Product Code: WR8438701