Wilson Leather Grip (Single)
Wilson Leather Grip (Single)


Wilson Leather Grip (Single)

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The Wilson Leather Grip is a high-quality replacement grip that appeals to tennis players who appreciate a classic feel and aesthetic on their rackets. Here's a detailed look at its features and benefits:


  1. Material: Made from 100% premium calfskin, known for its durability and soft texture.

  2. Feel: Provides a superior tactile feel, enhancing the connection between the player and the racket.

  3. Design: Available in two classic colors – brown and black, offering an old-school look.

  4. Installation: Comes with an adhesive backing, making it easy to apply to your racket handle.

  5. Branding: Features the Wilson logo embossed on the grip, adding a touch of elegance and brand recognition.


  • Enhanced Feel: The natural properties of calfskin offer a unique, responsive feel that many synthetic grips can't match.

  • Improved Grip: The leather surface provides a good grip, which can improve racket handling and control during play.

  • Aesthetic Appeal: Its classic design adds a sophisticated look to any racket.

  • Comfort: Despite its durability, the leather is soft to the touch and can provide comfort during extended play.

Installation Tips:

  1. Remove Old Grip: Before applying the Wilson Leather Grip, remove any existing grip or overgrip from your racket.

  2. Clean the Handle: Wipe down the handle to ensure it's clean and dry.

  3. Align and Wrap: Start by aligning the grip on the handle. Slowly wrap it around the handle, ensuring it’s snug and even. The adhesive backing will help it stay in place.

  4. Finish the Wrap: Once you reach the end of the handle, you may need to trim any excess grip and secure it with finishing tape.


  • Regular Cleaning: Leather grips can absorb sweat and dirt, so regular cleaning is recommended. Use a damp cloth to wipe it down after play.

  • Conditioning: Occasionally, you might want to use a leather conditioner to keep the grip from drying out or cracking.


The Wilson Leather Grip is an excellent choice for players seeking a combination of classic style, enhanced feel, and improved grip. Its high-quality calfskin construction not only elevates the look of your racket but also offers a tactile experience that can enhance your play. With proper care and maintenance, this grip can be a durable and comfortable addition to your tennis equipment.

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