Wilson Good Vibes Dampener


Wilson Good Vibes Dampener

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Wilson Good Vibes Dampener: Experience Serenity on Court

Product Overview:

Find tranquility amidst the rapid volleys and aggressive serves with the Wilson Good Vibes Dampener. More than just a functional addition to your racket, it brings an aura of calm and positivity, transforming your game both in style and performance.

Key Features:

  • Psychedelic Design: Stand out on the court with a dampener that's as unique as your game. The vibrant patterns and colours exude an energetic and free-spirited vibe.

  • Yin and Yang Symbolism: With the yellow Yin and Yang option, embrace the philosophy of balance - where opposites complete and complement each other, much like the various facets of tennis.

  • Optimised Performance: Beyond its visually pleasing design, the Good Vibes Dampener efficiently reduces racket vibrations, ensuring a cleaner, more stable contact with the ball.

  • Reduced String Noise: Enjoy a more refined sound upon ball impact. The dampener minimises string noise, allowing for better focus and concentration during intense rallies.

  • Easy Installation: Designed to be user-friendly, easily affix the dampener to your racket's strings and feel an immediate difference in your play.


Unveil a new dimension of tennis with the Wilson Good Vibes Dampener. Meticulously crafted to combine aesthetics with functionality, this dampener not only enhances the look of your racket but elevates its performance. Experience reduced vibrations, minimised string noise, and a more controlled game. Plus, with its psychedelic design and the emblematic Yin and Yang, it's an embodiment of style meeting substance. Let every serve and every volley resonate with positivity and balance. Add a touch of zen to your game; choose the Good Vibes Dampener.