VICTOR Thruster F C (Unstrung)
VICTOR Thruster F C (Unstrung)
VICTOR Thruster F C (Unstrung)
VICTOR Thruster F C (Unstrung)
VICTOR Thruster F C (Unstrung)
VICTOR Thruster F C (Unstrung)


VICTOR Thruster F C (Unstrung)

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2 reviews
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Victor Thruster F C

Product Description:
The classic Thruster F, originally introduced by Tai Tzu Ying, celebrates its comeback with a new colour finish. While preserving the known superb playability characteristics, the racket now comes with an upgraded 6,5mm shaft. In addition FREE CORE was added - a hollow handle construction - to increase the handling performance. The Victor Thruster F C is a high-performance badminton racket designed for players who demand power and speed in their game. Known for its exceptional ability to deliver forceful smashes and rapid drives, this racket is a popular choice among offensive players.

Key Features:
Frame Composition: Utilizes high-quality graphite materials, ensuring a lightweight yet sturdy frame for powerful play.
Shaft Flexibility: Typically designed with a medium to stiff shaft, providing a balance between power and control.
Head-Heavy Balance: The racket has a head-heavy balance, aiding in delivering powerful smashes and deeper clears.
Aerodynamic Design: The frame's aerodynamic design reduces air resistance, allowing for quicker and more effective swings.
Advanced String Technology: Equipped with cutting-edge string technology to enhance repulsion power and maintain string tension.

Store in a racket bag with proper padding to protect from impacts and temperature changes.
-Avoid exposure to extreme temperatures and moisture.

The Victor Thruster F C is a top-tier choice for badminton players who prioritize power in their gameplay. Its advanced construction and head-heavy balance make it ideal for delivering strong smashes and fast returns. With proper maintenance, this racket can significantly enhance a player's performance on the court, especially in offensive play strategies.

Weight 3UG5 4UG5
Tension <31lbs (14.0kg)
Frame Material High Resilience Modulus Graphite + Nano Fortify TR + HARD CORED TECHNOLOGY
Shaft Material  High Resilience Modulus Graphite + PYROFIL + 6.5 SHAFT
Balance Head Heavy