VICTOR Auraspeed 90K II (Unstrung)
VICTOR Auraspeed 90K II (Unstrung)
VICTOR Auraspeed 90K II (Unstrung)
VICTOR Auraspeed 90K II (Unstrung)
VICTOR Auraspeed 90K II (Unstrung)
VICTOR Auraspeed 90K II (Unstrung)


VICTOR Auraspeed 90K II (Unstrung)

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Color:Midnight Blue
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Victor AuraSpeed 90K II 


The Victor AuraSpeed 90K II is an advanced badminton racket in the AuraSpeed series, known for its superior speed and control capabilities. This racket is designed for players who prioritize quick racket handling and precise shot-making. The Whipping Enhancement System greatly increase the power and deeper angle of attacking while not sacrificing the overall control. It is more friendly to use and good for all around play.

Key Features:

Lightweight and Fast: The AuraSpeed 90K II is engineered for agility, allowing for rapid swings and quick reactions during play.
Material Composition: Typically constructed with high-quality graphite or carbon fiber for strength and durability while maintaining a light frame.
Shaft Flexibility: Usually features a medium to stiff shaft, providing a balance between power and control.
Frame Technology: Often incorporates cutting-edge frame technology to reduce air resistance and enhance racket speed.
Balance Point: Generally designed with an even balance or slightly head-heavy balance, offering a good mix of power and speed without compromising on maneuverability.
Suitable for All-Around Play: Ideal for players who excel in both offensive and defensive strategies, allowing for versatile gameplay.

Maintenance Tips:

String Tension: Maintain the string tension as per your playing preference and style. Regular checks are recommended.
Storage: Store in a cool, dry place, ideally in a racket bag with thermal protection.
Avoid Clashes: Prevent clashes with other rackets or hard surfaces to maintain the racket's integrity.


The Victor AuraSpeed 90K II is a top-tier racket for players who value speed, control, and versatility on the badminton court. Its well-balanced design caters to a wide range of playing styles, making it a popular choice for intermediate to advanced players. The AuraSpeed 90K II embodies a fusion of technological innovation and practical functionality, making it a solid investment for serious badminton enthusiasts.