Torq Recovery Strawberry & Cream Sachet (Single)


Torq Recovery Strawberry & Cream Sachet (Single)

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Torq Recovery is a post-exercise nutritional product designed to help athletes and physically active individuals recover after intense exercise. Recovery products, like Torq Recovery, are formulated to replenish depleted glycogen (energy) stores and provide proteins or amino acids for muscle repair. Let's delve into a general overview of Torq Recovery:

Torq Recovery Key Features:

  1. Carbohydrates: To quickly replenish the glycogen stores that have been depleted during exercise.

  2. Protein: Essential for muscle repair and rebuilding. After exercise, muscles are particularly receptive to absorbing amino acids, the building blocks of proteins.

  3. Electrolytes: Helps in rehydration by replacing the salts lost through sweat during exercise.

  4. Vitamins & Minerals: Some recovery formulas might include essential vitamins and minerals to support overall health and wellness.

  5. Natural Ingredients: Many users appreciate that some recovery products use natural flavorings and avoid artificial ingredients.

  6. Diverse Flavors: To cater to different taste preferences.


  1. Faster Recovery: Proper nutrition post-exercise can speed up the recovery process, meaning you can train or compete again sooner.

  2. Muscle Repair: Providing your body with the necessary nutrients can reduce muscle soreness and improve muscle repair.

  3. Rehydration: Essential for overall recovery, especially after prolonged or intense workouts.

  4. Immune Support: Intense training can suppress the immune system. Proper post-exercise nutrition can help support a healthy immune response.

Usage: Typically, a recovery product should be consumed soon after finishing your exercise when the muscles are most receptive. Mixing the recommended amount with water or milk can produce the best results.

Note: While Torq Recovery is formulated to support recovery after exercise, it's crucial to understand that real food and a balanced diet play a vital role in overall recovery and health. Always consult with a nutritionist or healthcare provider to ensure that you're making the best choices for your personal health and fitness goals.