Head Xtreme Soft Overgrips (3 Pieces)
Head Xtreme Soft Overgrips (3 Pieces)
Head Xtreme Soft Overgrips (3 Pieces)


Head Xtreme Soft Overgrips (3 Pieces)

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Size:3 Pieces
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Head XtremeSoft Overgrip: Enhanced Feel with Superior Absorption

Key Features:

  • Ultra-Thin Design: Dive into an unprecedented racket experience with the extra thin construction of the XtremeSoft Overgrip. This feature ensures that players have maximum feel without adding unnecessary bulk to the handle.

  • Advanced Elastomer Material: Manufactured with a specially designed elastomer material, this overgrip is not just soft to the touch but also durable. It molds perfectly to your hand, providing a comfortable grip that lasts.

  • Exceptional Absorption: Say goodbye to sweaty palms affecting your gameplay. The XtremeSoft Overgrip boasts superior moisture absorption, ensuring a dry and non-slip grip, even during intense matches.

  • Super Tackiness: The grip's sticky nature ensures that your racket stays firmly in your hand during every swing, smash, and serve. Experience enhanced control and precision with every shot.

  • Extra Large Perforations: Thoughtfully designed with extra-large perforations, this overgrip ensures enhanced moisture management, keeping your hands dry and your grip secure.

The art of tennis lies in the player's connection with their racket. And central to this connection is the overgrip. Understanding this intricate relationship, Head introduces the XtremeSoft Overgrip, designed to elevate your game to unprecedented heights.

Thin, yet offering a plush feel, the XtremeSoft Overgrip promises players a tactile experience like no other. Every swing, volley, and serve feels more intuitive, allowing players to focus on their game strategy rather than grip comfort.

Engineered with a specialized elastomer material, the overgrip stands out in terms of durability and comfort. This material not only provides a soft touch but also ensures the grip retains its structure and feel even after prolonged use.

One of the grip's standout features is its absorption capability. The specially designed material, combined with extra-large perforations, ensures superior sweat absorption. Players can trust the XtremeSoft Overgrip to maintain a dry and stable grip, even during the most adrenaline-pumping rallies.

Adding to its list of impressive features is the grip's super tackiness. This ensures that the racket remains firmly anchored in the player's hand, allowing for more controlled and precise shots.

In essence, the Head XtremeSoft Overgrip is not just an accessory but a game-changer. Designed with precision and keeping the player's needs in mind, it promises enhanced performance, unmatched comfort, and a tactile experience like no other on the court.

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