Head Tour XT 570834 (4 ball tube) YELLOW


Head Tour XT 570834 (4 ball tube) YELLOW

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HEAD TOUR XT: Precision and Performance Combined

Key Features:

  • PREMIUM Ball Design: Introducing the TOUR XT, the epitome of HEAD's dedication to tennis ball design and technology. Crafted for the players seeking a top-tier experience on the court.

  • Impact (EN)Core Technology: Developed through rigorous testing and research, this unique technology provides the ball with unparalleled touch, ensuring easy manageability and controllability with each strike.

  • Distinct Touch: Experience a ball that not only responds to your every move but also provides a distinct touch, helping to refine your game's accuracy and precision.

  • Optimised for All Players: Whether you're a club player, tournament enthusiast, or someone striving for perfection in every shot, the TOUR XT is your ideal match companion.

  • Stylish Packaging: Delivered in the iconic golden HEAD TOUR XT tube, signalling premium quality even before you hit the first serve.

  • High-Temperature Performance: No need to worry about those hot summer games. The TOUR XT is designed to maintain its optimal performance even in high temperatures, ensuring consistent play in all conditions.

The HEAD TOUR XT is not just another tennis ball; it's a testament to years of dedication, research, and testing. Developed over two years with feedback from professional tennis players and intensive lab evaluations, this PREMIUM ball is set to redefine your court experience.

The standout feature, the Impact (EN)Core technology, ensures that the ball provides a unique touch. This technology aids players in managing their shots better, bringing an element of controllability that's unmatched. If precision and accuracy are what you're after, the TOUR XT promises to be a game-changer.

It's not just about the feel; the TOUR XT is also about performance. Designed to maintain its optimal attributes even in higher temperatures, players can expect consistency in every game, regardless of the conditions.

And to top it off, the golden HEAD TOUR XT tube not only promises a premium experience but also delivers it. From the moment you hold the tube to the last serve of the game, the TOUR XT stands as a beacon of quality and performance.

For players who refuse to compromise on their game and are always on the lookout for the best, the HEAD TOUR XT is more than just a ball; it's a promise of excellence, precision, and unmatched playability.