Head Tip Red Junior Stage 3 Tennis Balls  48 BALL 578113 1 POLYBAG


Head Tip Red Junior Stage 3 Tennis Balls 48 BALL 578113 1 POLYBAG

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Introducing the HEAD TIP Red Junior Stage 3 Tennis Ball 48 Ball Bag, the perfect companion for young players taking their first steps on the tennis court. Designed with their needs in mind, these balls are 75% slower, softer, and bigger than standard tennis balls. They provide an optimal learning experience and are ideal for beginners aged between 5 and 8.

The HEAD TIP Red Junior Stage 3 Tennis Balls are specifically engineered to make the game more accessible for young players. With their reduced speed and softer construction, these balls offer a slower and more predictable bounce, allowing beginners to develop their skills with confidence. The larger size of the ball provides better control and visual aid, helping young players improve their hand-eye coordination and accuracy.

Featuring two contrasting colours, red and yellow, the HEAD TIP Red Junior Stage 3 Tennis Balls offer enhanced visibility on the court. The vibrant colours make it easier for young players to track the ball's movement, ensuring they can consistently make contact and progress their game. This improved visibility aids their development and adds an element of fun to their tennis experience.

The HEAD TIP Red Junior Stage 3 Tennis Ball 48 Ball Bag is perfect for coaches, schools, and young players who are eager to practice and refine their skills. With a total of 48 balls included in the bag, you'll have an abundant supply to support your training sessions and keep the game going.

Invest in the future of young tennis players with the HEAD TIP Red Junior Stage 3 Tennis Ball 48 Ball Bag. Watch as these specially designed, slower, and softer balls provide an ideal platform for skill development and a love for the game. Designed for small ITF courts (11), these balls are the perfect choice for young beginners aiming to progress their tennis journey.

Head T.I.P Red Tennis Ball: Perfect for Young Champions


  • Tailored for the Young: Crafted especially for children aged 5 to 8, these tennis balls ensure that young players get the most out of their early tennis experiences.

  • Reduced Speed: Moving at a pace 75% slower than standard tennis balls, the T.I.P. Red ball allows young players to have longer rallies, perfect their strokes, and build their confidence on the court.

  • Bigger & Softer: With a design significantly larger and softer than typical tennis balls, it provides youngsters with more control, ensuring they can play shots with ease.

  • Two-tone Design: The bicolored design isn’t just for aesthetics. It's purposely crafted to be easily visible, aiding children in tracking the ball and connecting their shots better.

  • Scaled-Down Court: Perfectly suited for a court size of 11m x 5-6m, it ensures that children play in a space that's proportionate to their size and skill level.


Introducing the Head T.I.P Red Tennis Ball - the perfect companion for your budding tennis stars. Understanding the unique challenges and requirements of young players, HEAD has innovatively designed the T.I.P. Red ball to make their early tennis journey enjoyable and rewarding.

While standard tennis balls can be too fast and hard for young players, the T.I.P. Red is crafted to be gentler, giving them ample time to react and hit, thereby fostering a love for the game. Its larger size and softer feel provide an added advantage, allowing kids to grip and strike the ball with more precision.

Furthermore, its distinctive two-tone colour scheme isn’t just appealing to young eyes but is also functional, making the ball more visible and easier to hit.

So, if you're keen to give your young ones a head start in tennis, the Head T.I.P Red Tennis Ball is your go-to choice. Let them play, enjoy, and fall in love with the game, one hit at a time!