Head Tip Orange 3 ball tube 578123


Head Tip Orange 3 ball tube 578123

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HEAD T.I.P. Orange Tennis Ball: The Perfect Transition Aid


  • Designed for Young Enthusiasts: Tailored for kids aged 8 to 9, preparing them for the full-court experience.

  • Enhanced Playability: Moves at 50% of the speed of regular tennis balls, giving children ample time to react and strike confidently.

  • Optimal Size & Texture: The ball is larger and softer compared to regular ones, ensuring that young players can hit with ease and precision.

  • Visibility Boost: The distinctive orange and yellow bicolored design ensures clear tracking, aiding kids in timing their shots better.

  • Convenient Packaging: Packed in a handy tube containing 3 balls, ideal for individual practice sessions or small group classes.


The journey from a novice to a tennis pro requires dedication, practice, and the right equipment. Recognising the unique challenges faced by children progressing in the sport, HEAD introduces the T.I.P. Orange Tennis Ball.

Standard tennis balls can be daunting for young players, especially when they are just stepping up their game. That’s where the T.I.P. Orange comes into play. Moving at half the speed of traditional balls, it offers kids a comfortable pace to perfect their racquet skills. Its enhanced size and softer feel further boost the child’s confidence, letting them strike the ball with more authority.

One of the common challenges faced by kids in tennis is tracking the ball. The dual-tone design of the T.I.P. Orange combats this, ensuring clear visibility and better shot timing.

A result of collaborative efforts with children, trainers, and in line with the International Tennis Federation's "Tennis Play and Stay!" guidelines, the T.I.P. Orange is not just a tennis ball. It's a pledge from HEAD to support young talent, providing them with equipment that respects their learning curve and encourages their growth.

For those eager to provide young players with the tools they need to excel, the HEAD T.I.P. Orange Tennis Ball stands as a testament to HEAD's commitment to nurturing the future of tennis. Give them the right start, and watch them soar!