Head Tip Green 3 ball tube 578133


Head Tip Green 3 ball tube 578133

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HEAD T.I.P. Green Tennis Ball: Tailored For Seamless Transition


  • Perfect for Growing Athletes: Designed for beginner adults transitioning to a full-size court and children aged 9 to 10.

  • Enhanced Control: With its unique properties, the ball ensures that players can have maximum control over their shots.

  • Optimised Speed: Moves at 75% the speed of a regular tennis ball, bridging the gap between beginner and standard balls.

  • Ideal for Learning: A slightly larger size and softer texture promote confidence, enabling better ball-striking capabilities.


Progressing in the world of tennis demands not just skill but also the right equipment. Recognising the nuanced needs of budding athletes and beginner adults, HEAD presents the T.I.P. Green Tennis Ball.

A full-sized court can be intimidating, especially for those who have been practicing on smaller courts. The T.I.P. Green helps alleviate this challenge. By moving at 75% the speed of regular balls, it offers players the right pace, ensuring they don't feel overwhelmed. Its slightly increased size and softer texture provide a reassuring touch, allowing players to hit with precision and confidence.

Transitioning to a standard game can be challenging due to the increased speed and reduced control. The T.I.P. Green acts as a bridge, ensuring players can hone their skills without feeling out of depth. This makes it an invaluable tool for trainers and coaches who aim to provide a seamless learning experience to their wards.

Developed through extensive collaboration with trainers and young players, the T.I.P. Green is not just another tennis ball. It's a commitment from HEAD to foster growth and ensure that the transition to a full-sized court is smooth and confidence-boosting.

For trainers, parents, and institutions committed to providing the best learning tools for budding tennis enthusiasts, the HEAD T.I.P. Green Tennis Ball is an indispensable ally. Equip young talent with it, and watch them embrace the full-sized court with enthusiasm and skill!