Head Boom Team L 260g Tennis Racket 2024 230144
Head Boom Team L 260g Tennis Racket 2024 230144


Head Boom Team L 260g Tennis Racket 2024 230144

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Introducing the HEAD BOOM TEAM L TENNIS RACQUET 2024, a racket engineered for those seeking a harmonious blend of power and playfulness in their game. With a focus on providing an enjoyable playing experience, this racquet is the perfect choice for both newcomers and intermediate players looking to add a dynamic edge to their performance.

Key Features:

  1. Power and Forgiveness: The HEAD BOOM TEAM L is designed for players looking to enhance their game with explosive power and a forgiving frame. It is tailored to amplify your shots while minimizing errors, making it ideal for those aiming to improve their play.
  2. Enhanced Sensational Feel: Equipped with the latest Auxetic 2.0 technology, the BOOM TEAM L 2024 delivers an unmatched sensational feel. This technology ensures a deeper connection with every shot, allowing players to experience a unique blend of power and sensitivity.
  3. Optimized Player-Racquet Connection: This racquet strengthens the bond between player and racquet, ensuring an intuitive feel that enhances both control and confidence on the court. The result is a more responsive and engaging playing experience.
  4. Lightweight Comfort: Featuring a special lightweight design, the BOOM TEAM L provides superior comfort and ease of handling. Its frame is designed to reduce player fatigue, making it easier to play for longer periods while maintaining high performance.

Product Details:

  • For Progressive Players: The BOOM TEAM L 2024 is specially crafted for emerging and intermediate players looking for a racquet that supports their growth in the game.
  • Dynamic Power: This racquet combines a forgiving frame with explosive power, allowing players to hit with confidence and precision.
  • Enhanced Maneuverability: With a design focused on ease of use, the BOOM TEAM L offers improved maneuverability, making it easier to navigate the court and respond to opponents.
  • Striking Design: It features an attractive design that stands out on the court, with a combination of vibrant colors and modern aesthetics.


  • Strung or Unstrung?: Strung
  • Weight Unstrung (+/- 5g): 260
  • Head Size (sq. in): 107
  • Beam Width (mm): 26
  • Balance (+/- 5mm): 340
  • String Pattern: 16x19
  • Length (inches): 27
  • Composition: Graphite, Auxetic

Technology Highlights:

  • Auxetic Technology: This innovative material technology allows the racquet to adapt dynamically to the force of impact, offering a sensational feel and improved control.
  • Lightweight Frame: Designed for ease and comfort, the lightweight frame enhances maneuverability while reducing player fatigue.
  • Vibrant Design: The modern and visually appealing design of the BOOM TEAM L makes it not just a tool for the game but a statement on the court.

Elevate your game with the HEAD BOOM TEAM L TENNIS RACQUET 2024, the perfect partner for players aiming to bring power, control, and fun to their tennis experience. With its cutting-edge technology and player-friendly design, this racquet promises to transform your game and enjoyment on the court.