Demo Yonex Vcore 98 305g  2023


Demo Yonex Vcore 98 305g 2023

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Purchase this product to try our amazing range of rackets before you make a decision. Demo it out and make sure you're choosing the right racket for you.

You pay upfront and have a week to try the racket, once you have tried it you can send it back for a refund (minus demo service fee of £20) or purchase a brand new racket.

Unlimited swaps ! - keep swapping demos with us for just £6 postage per time (unless you're collecting from store) 

You can choose to upgrade the strings in the demo and grip to your liking enabling you to try it out exactly how you like it. And you can purchase a returns label as an add-option above.

Available to UK ONLY - failure to return the racket within 10 working days will result in the full price being charged and non-refundable.

Introducing the Yonex VCORE 98 Tennis Racket: Unleash Your Ultimate Power and Precision!

Brand new for 2023, the 7th generation VCORE 98 takes center stage in Yonex's remarkable collection. This player's racket has been meticulously crafted to deliver an unparalleled blend of power, control, and speed. Prepare to take your game to new heights with this masterpiece of tennis engineering.

The VCORE 98 is a true testament to Yonex's dedication to excellence. Its redesigned beam and softer feel make it a force to be reckoned with on the court. Experience the benefits of increased power and a larger margin of error without sacrificing the precision that seasoned players demand. With its lightning-fast maneuverability, this racket is perfect for agile players who thrive on quick reactions at the net or while on the run.

Yonex's signature racquet technology is showcased in the VCORE 98, starting with the revolutionary Isometric Shape. By optimizing the intersection of the main and cross strings, this square-shaped frame generates a 7% larger sweet spot. Embrace greater control without compromising power and dominate the game with finesse.

The VCORE 98 boasts Aero Dynamic Technology, incorporating Aero Trench and Aero Fin features. Experience reduced air resistance, effortless maneuverability, and added spin as you command the court with ease and precision.

Yonex's groundbreaking 2G-NAMD™ Flex Force technology takes center stage in this racket. From the upper throat to the lower frame, the Flex Force graphite allows the racket to flex and snapback swiftly, unlocking maximum spin potential. Unleash aggressive, attacking spin and leave your opponents in awe.

Product Details:

- Colour: Scarlet
- ISOMETRIC™: Embrace a larger sweet spot with the square-shaped ISOMETRIC™ racquet. Experience greater control without compromising power as your shots find their mark with precision.

- Aero Dynamic Technology: The innovative combination of Aero Trench and Aero Fin Technology reduces air resistance, allowing for seamless maneuverability and increased spin potential. Dominate the court with your effortless strokes.

- 2G-NAMD™ Flex Force: Unleash maximum spin potential with the incorporated Flex Force graphite. From the upper throat to the lower frame, this technology enables the racket to flex and snapback swiftly, delivering aggressive and attacking spin.

- Silicone Oil Infused Grommet: Experience quick racquet flex and snapback with the infusion of silicone oil within the grommet. Enjoy optimal responsiveness and unleash your full power on the court.

- Enlarged Frame Top: The wider frame at the 2 o'clock and 10 o'clock positions increases the ball contact area, resulting in a higher launch angle. Take advantage of enhanced power and precision with every swing.

- New Throat Design: The innovative T-shaped and H-shaped cross-sections in Areas 1 and 2 respectively provide "torsional resistance." Stabilize the racket and reduce power loss as you execute your shots with exceptional control.

The Yonex VCORE 98 Tennis Racket is the ultimate weapon for players seeking unmatched power, precision, and speed. With its dynamic features and groundbreaking technologies, this racket is designed to elevate your game to new heights. Prepare to dominate the court and leave your opponents in awe. Experience the excellence of Yonex and redefine your tennis journey!

Take advantage of the finest in Japanese manufacturing, they pay more to make it but you don't pay more to use it - Try a Yonex Made in Japan racket and never look back

Yonex Made in Japan: Embrace the finest in Japanese craftsmanship. Yonex pays meticulous attention to detail during manufacturing, ensuring superior quality. Experience the difference of a Yonex Made in Japan racket and never look back.

Unlock your full potential on the court with the Yonex Vcore Tennis Racket. Combining control, comfort, and precision, this racket empowers you to take your game to new heights. Trust in the craftsmanship and innovation that Yonex brings to every swing. Dominate the game and leave your opponents astounded.



Strung or ?
Weight (+/- 5g) 305
Head Size (sq. in) 98
Beam Width (mm) 23-23-21
Balance (+/- 5mm) 315
String Pattern 16x19
Length (inches) 27
Stringing Tension Range (lbs) 45-60 lbs
Composition HM Graphite / 2G-Namd™ Flex Force / VDM


Step onto the court with the Yonex VCORE 98,
A racquet built for champions, crafted to elevate your game, mate.
In 2023, the 7th generation is here, Redesigned and refined, it fills players' hearts with cheer.

A player's dream, it reigns supreme, Well-built and powerful, it's every player's gleam. With a softer feel and a redesigned beam, The VCORE 98 delivers performance that's extreme.

Easier power and a larger margin of error it grants, Precision and control, the experienced player's chance. Lightning-fast, perfect for the players on the run, Reacting quickly at the net, leaving opponents stunned.

Yonex's signature Isometric Shape takes center stage, Expanding the sweet spot, setting the tennis world ablaze. Greater control without sacrificing power's roar, Master the game, leave your opponents begging for more.

Aero Dynamic Technology in every swing, Reduced air resistance, added spin, a beautiful fling. 2G-NAMD Flex Force, attacking spin it brings, Quick flex and snapback, maximum spin potential it sings.

Silicone Oil Infused Grommet, a true game-changer, Flex and snapback, returning to its original behavior. Enlarged Frame Top, a wider contact space, Higher launch angles, creating shots with grace.

New Throat Design, stability it bestows, T-shaped and H-shaped cross sections, power it shows. Unleash your potential, let the game unfold, With the VCORE 98, a story of victory is told.

In vibrant Scarlet, it catches every eye, The racquet that makes champions reach the sky. at 305 grams, it's ready for your command, Head size of 98 square inches, a racquet in demand.

Beam width of 23-23-21, sleek and refined, Balance at 315, a perfect game you'll find. String pattern of 16x19, unleash controlled aggression, 27 inches of perfection, a tennis player's obsession.

Tension range of 45-60 lbs, find your sweet spot, Composition of HM Graphite, 2G-NAMD Flex Force, and VDM, it's hot. The Yonex VCORE 98, a masterpiece to behold,
Unleash your tennis prowess, let your story unfold.