Demo Wilson Blade Feel 103 WR117510


Demo Wilson Blade Feel 103 WR117510

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Purchase this product to try our amazing range of rackets before you make a decision. Demo it out and make sure you're choosing the right racket for you.

You pay upfront and have a week to try the racket, once you have tried it you can send it back for a refund (minus demo service fee of £20) or purchase a brand new racket.

Unlimited swaps ! - keep swapping demos with us for just £6 postage per time (unless you're collecting from store) 

You can choose to upgrade the strings in the demo and grip to your liking enabling you to try it out exactly how you like it. And you can purchase a returns label as an add-option above.

Available to UK ONLY - failure to return the racket within 10 working days will result in the full price being charged and non-refundable.

Introducing the Wilson Blade Feel 103 tennis racket—a gateway to a world of fun and quality on the court. Designed with beginners and occasional players in mind, this racket is your ticket to an enjoyable tennis experience without compromising on performance.

Sporting the iconic green color of the Blade series, this racket showcases its lineage and promises an exciting journey ahead. But make no mistake—despite its classification as an initiation racquet, it boasts construction quality that will bring you immense joy. Lightweight and easy to handle, it offers a delightful sensation when you strike the ball.

With its generous 103-inch head, the Wilson Blade Feel 103 guarantees exceptional playability. This wide head size provides forgiveness for off-center hits, making it an extremely tolerant racket. Perfect for players who are learning and developing their skills, it effortlessly delivers appropriate power and a thrilling experience on the court. Get ready to have a blast as you perfect your shots and elevate your tennis game.

The 16x20 string pattern on the racket's surface adds the finishing touch to its impressive features. It ensures that your search for precision is met with ease. Whether you're aiming for pinpoint accuracy or unleashing powerful shots, the Wilson Blade Feel 103 has got you covered. It strikes the perfect balance between power and comfort, allowing you to focus on honing your skills without sacrificing performance.

Experience the joy of tennis with the Wilson Blade Feel 103. Discover the thrill of every swing, the excitement of improving your game, and the satisfaction of hitting your targets effortlessly. This is more than just a beginner's racket—it's your entry into a world of endless enjoyment and growth on the court. Get ready to unleash your potential with the Wilson Blade Feel 103 and make every moment count.

Weight: 264 g
Balance: 33 cm / 4 ptos HL
String Pattern: 16x20
Length: 686 mm / 27.0 in
Head size: 664 cm² / 103 in²