Demo Head Speed MP 2024
Demo Head Speed MP 2024
Demo Head Speed MP 2024
Demo Head Speed MP 2024
Demo Head Speed MP 2024
Demo Head Speed MP 2024
Demo Head Speed MP 2024
Demo Head Speed MP 2024
Demo Head Speed MP 2024
Demo Head Speed MP 2024


Demo Head Speed MP 2024

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Purchase this product to try our amazing range of rackets before you make a decision. Demo it out and make sure you're choosing the right racket for you.

You pay upfront and have a week to try the racket, once you have tried it you can send it back for a refund (minus demo service fee of £20) or purchase a brand new racket.

Unlimited swaps ! - keep swapping demos with us for just £6 postage per time (unless you're collecting from store) 

You can choose to upgrade the strings in the demo and grip to your liking enabling you to try it out exactly how you like it. And you can purchase a returns label as an add-option above.

Available to UK ONLY - failure to return the racket within 10 working days will result in the full price being charged and non-refundable.


The refreshed SPEED MP 2024 TENNIS RACQUET is tailored to meet the needs of players who require precise control for their fast-paced games, along with increased manoeuvrability and easier handling.

Key Features:

  1. Control and Manoeuvrability: This racket is designed for players with a fast game who demand optimal control, improved manoeuvrability, and effortless handling on the court.

  2. Softer, Sensational Feel: The introduction of the new Auxetic 2.0 technology elevates the feel of the upgraded SPEED MP 2024, providing an even softer and more sensational touch. You can experience every shot with this racket, which is part of the bestselling SPEED series, as recommended by Jannik Sinner.

  3. Ultimate Connection: The SPEED MP 2024 offers the ultimate connection between the player and the racket, enhancing your performance and control during fast-paced matches.

  4. Soft-to-the-Touch Lacquer: The updated design of this racket features a special lacquer that is soft to the touch, providing an additional layer of comfort and tactile sensation. This complements the racket's gentler impact feel and offers enhanced control over power.

Product Details:

  • For Players with a Fast Game: Tailored for those players who thrive in fast-paced matches where control is paramount.
  • Controllable Power: This racket allows you to harness power while maintaining control, optimising your overall performance.
  • Lighter Weight: Compared to the Pro variant, the MP 2024 offers a slightly lighter weight, enhancing manoeuvrability and ease of handling.
  • Visually Appealing Design: The racket features a sleek and visually appealing design in White / Black.


  • Strung or Unstrung?: Strung
  • Weight Unstrung (+/- 5g): 300
  • Head Size (sq. in): 100
  • Beam Width (mm): 23
  • Balance (+/- 5mm): 320
  • String Pattern: 16x19
  • Length (inches): 27
  • Composition: Graphite, Graphene 360+

Technology Highlights:

  • Auxetic: This unique deformation technology widens when subjected to a "pull" force and contracts when squeezed, allowing for dynamic response to different forces.
  • Graphene Inside: Positioned strategically in most of Head racquets, Graphene strengthens the frame, provides greater stability, and optimises energy transfer from the racquet to the ball.
  • Power Grommets: Enlarged power grommets maximise string movement for increased power.
  • Directional Drilling: Combines increased power and a larger sweetspot, delivering a plush impact feel.
  • Speed Pattern: Special speed string pattern offers a perfect mix of power under control.
  • Speed Beam: The aerodynamic cross-section of the Speed beam maximises swing speed and power.

Experience the next level of control, manoeuvrability, and comfort on the court with the refreshed SPEED MP 2024 TENNIS RACQUET. Whether you're a professional or recreational player, this racket's blend of cutting-edge technology and aesthetic appeal makes it a popular choice for those seeking a softer touch, sensational feel, and controllable power. Elevate your game with this top-quality racket from Head.