Babolat VS Original Overgrips (30 Pieces)


Babolat VS Original Overgrips (30 Pieces)

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Size:30 Pieces
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Babolat VS Original X30 Overgrips: A Legend in Grip Enhancement

The Babolat VS Original X30 Overgrips stand as a testament to the brand’s commitment to quality and performance, serving as the legendary go-to choice for tennis and badminton players, including the famed Rafa Nadal for over a decade.


Babolat VS Original X30 Overgrips are meticulously designed for players who have a high demand for absorbency and a dry feel. This overgrip is renowned for its extra absorption, providing players the confidence to play every point with optimal grip, regardless of perspiration levels.

Key Benefits:

  • Extra Absorption: Wave goodbye to the instability of slippery hands. The non-woven layer is highly effective in quickly absorbing perspiration, allowing for confident play in every point.
  • Enhanced Feel: Recognized as one of the finest and driest overgrips in the Babolat range, it enables players to discern every nuance of their racket handle, optimizing control and responsiveness.
  • Versatility: Designed for all sports requiring rackets, it can significantly enhance the playing experience in both tennis and badminton by ensuring a firm grip.

Technical Specifications:

  • Sport: Suitable for All Racket Sports.
  • Type: Prioritizes Feel.
  • Absorption Level: Rated at 4/5, offering high levels of moisture absorption.
  • Thickness: 0.43 mm, providing a fine, non-bulky grip.
  • Tackiness: Characterized by a Dry feel to optimize handle grip.
  • Length: 110 cm to accommodate varying racket handle sizes.
  • Composition: Constructed from Unwoven 100% PET and Polyurethane, ensuring durability and effectiveness.
  • Manufacturing: Expertly crafted in China.


The Babolat VS Original X30 Overgrips are not just grips; they are a legacy of performance enhancement used by legends like Rafa Nadal. These overgrips promise unparalleled absorption, improved feel, and optimal grip, allowing players to experience heightened control and confidence in every game. Whether you are playing tennis or badminton, this legendary overgrip is designed to elevate your gameplay by providing the perfect balance between feel and absorption.

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