Babolat Team Clay x4 502080-113


Babolat Team Clay x4 502080-113

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The Team Clay tennis ball is a high-performance pressurized ball specifically designed to meet the needs of competitors or regular players who predominantly play on clay courts. This ball is renowned for its exceptional bounce, durability, and comfortable feel, owing to its premium woven felt, making it ideal for those who seek high-quality experience on clay surfaces. It is a Type 1 tennis ball and has received approval from ITF.

Suitable For:

  • Competitors or regular players who primarily play on clay courts and are looking for a ball that offers exceptional bounce, durability, and a comfortable feel.


  1. Exceptional Bounce:

    • Achieved through a higher pressurized ball and a specific core (Type 1).
  2. Durability:

    • Features premium woven felt, which includes a major part of natural fibers to increase durability.
  3. Comfortable Feel:

    • The premium woven felt also provides a comfortable feel during play.
  4. Ideal for Clay Courts:

    • The quality of bounce combined with a specific, higher-density felt makes these balls ideal for clay courts.
  5. ITF/FFT/FIT Homologation:

    • The ball has received official approval and meets the standards set by the International Tennis Federation (ITF), the French Tennis Federation (FFT), and the Italian Tennis Federation (FIT).
  6. Composition:

    • Made of premium quality felt and rubber.
  7. Made in Thailand:

    • Ensures high-quality production standards.


  • The ball provides exceptional bounce, making play on clay courts more enjoyable and competitive.
  • The durability of the ball is enhanced due to the inclusion of a major part of natural fibers in the premium woven felt, allowing for extended play.
  • The higher-density felt is specifically designed to perform optimally on clay courts, offering an ideal experience for players who prefer this surface.

Final Thoughts:

The Team Clay Tennis Ball is a premium choice for players who frequent clay courts. With its exceptional bounce, enhanced durability due to premium woven felt with natural fibers, and comfortable feel, it stands out as a top choice for regular and competitive players. Its specific design and features ensure optimal performance on clay surfaces, making each game more enjoyable and competitive. The ITF, FFT, and FIT homologation further vouch for its quality and suitability for professional play on clay courts.