Babolat Team All Court Tennis Ball (4 Ball) plastic 502081
Babolat Team All Court Tennis Ball (4 Ball) plastic 502081


Babolat Team All Court Tennis Ball (4 Ball) plastic 502081

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Babolat Team All Court Tennis Balls

Highlight: A premium choice for competitive play, Babolat Team All Court tennis balls deliver exceptional comfort, notable durability, and optimal performance across all court types, ensuring an enhanced playing experience for regular players and tennis training sessions.

Key Features:

  • Packaging: 4 ball can
  • Adaptability: Suitable for all court surfaces
  • Certification: Approved by ITF/FFT/FIT
  • Replacement: Succeeds the Babolat Roland Garros French Open 4 ball can
  • Manufacture: Made in Thailand

Detailed Description:

  1. Optimal Performance:

    • A high-performance pressurized ball crafted to provide optimal bounce, spin, and control in various court conditions.
  2. Durability:

    • Constructed with high-quality woven felt, Babolat Team All Court balls offer sustained durability, ensuring prolonged, consistent performance through various plays and court surfaces.
  3. Superior Comfort:

    • Features a specific rubber compound core, designed to generate a comfortable impact, enhancing the playability and overall gaming experience.
  4. Versatile Application:

    • With a design that is apt for all court types, the Team All Court ball offers versatility and is equally suited for competitive matches and tennis lessons alike.
  5. ITF Approved:

    • Meeting the standards set by the International Tennis Federation (ITF), French Tennis Federation (FFT), and Italian Tennis Federation (FIT), these balls are certified for competitive play and tournament usage.


  • Enduring Play: The robust and durable nature of the balls allows for sustained play over extended periods and through rigorous games and training sessions.

  • Inclusive Use: Appropriate for varied use cases – be it competitive matches or instructive tennis sessions, and is adaptable to all court types, ensuring consistent performance.

  • Competitive Edge: ITF approval ensures that these balls are suitable for tournament play, providing players with a competitive edge and standardized play quality.


Babolat Team All Court tennis balls stand out as a top-tier option, combining impeccable durability with comforting play for tennis enthusiasts and competitive players alike. ITF approved and crafted with meticulous attention to technical details, these balls ensure reliable, high-quality performance across all court surfaces, from training sessions to match day. Offering a balanced blend of durability and comfort, Babolat paves the way for a superior, unbridled tennis playing experience.

Price & Availability:

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Always store tennis balls in a cool, dry place to maintain optimal performance and longevity. Always recycle or dispose of used tennis balls in an environmentally responsible manner.