Babolat Sensation Grip (2 Pieces) Blue


Babolat Sensation Grip (2 Pieces) Blue

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Size:2 Pieces
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Babolat Sensation Grip (2 Pieces) Blue

Blue / 2 Pieces

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Babolat Sensation Grip is known for its comfort and feel. Here is a specific description of the Babolat Sensation Grip:

Material and Construction:

  • The Babolat Sensation Grip is typically made from a soft and cushioned material, providing a comfortable feel in the player's hand.
  • It features a smooth surface that offers a comfortable grip without excessive tackiness.

Grip Thickness:

  • This grip is designed to be slightly thicker than some other grips, which contributes to its cushioned and comfortable feel.

Shock Absorption:

  • The Babolat Sensation Grip often includes shock absorption properties, reducing the impact on the player's hand during intense rallies.

Moisture Management:

  • It is designed to manage moisture effectively, helping to keep the player's hand dry and maintaining a secure hold on the racket handle.


  • While it prioritizes comfort and feel, the grip is also constructed to be durable and withstand regular play.

Color Variety:

  • Babolat Sensation Grip is available in various colors, allowing players to choose their preferred style.

Easy Application:

  • It is easy to apply to the racket handle and can be used as an overgrip or as a replacement grip.

Universal Fit:

  • The grip is designed to fit a wide range of racket types, making it versatile for players of different sports like tennis and badminton.

Enhanced Feel:

  • Players appreciate the soft and cushioned feel of the Babolat Sensation Grip, which contributes to improved comfort during long matches.


  • The grip is typically sold individually, and players can purchase multiple grips to have backups on hand.

Overall, the Babolat Sensation Grip is favored for its emphasis on comfort and feel, making it a suitable choice for players seeking a plush grip that enhances their playing experience.