Babolat RPM Rough 200M 243140 1.30mm


Babolat RPM Rough 200M 243140 1.30mm

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Size:200m Reel
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Babolat RPM Rough 200M 243140 1.30mm Tennis String Reel

Spin, Control, and Durability Redefined!

Discover the edge in your game with the Babolat RPM Rough tennis string reel. Specifically engineered for players seeking the perfect blend of control, spin, and resilience, this string sets itself apart with its distinctive textured surface and co-polyester construction. Here are the features that make the Babolat RPM Rough a standout choice:


  • Medium Gauge: With a 1.30mm thickness, it offers an ideal balance of playability, durability, and control.

  • Co-polyester Blend: Expertly crafted from a unique blend of materials, it amplifies the string's spin potential. Co-polyester strings are revered for their consistent tension maintenance and durability.

  • Textured Surface: Its rough surface is not just for show! This texture is designed to latch onto the ball during impact, maximizing spin potential and offering unparalleled ball control.

  • Enhanced Control: Don't just play; dominate the game! The RPM Rough provides precision control, allowing you to place your shots just where you want them.

  • Robust Durability: Built for resilience, it's the perfect match for aggressive players or those who frequently find themselves restringing. Its construction ensures minimized wear and tear, even under intense play conditions.

The Babolat RPM Rough 200M 243140 1.30mm reel is the epitome of innovation and performance in the world of tennis strings. Whether you're serving, volleying, or rallying from the baseline, this string is designed to supercharge every facet of your game. So, string up and let every shot resonate with power, precision, and panache!