Babolat RPM POWER 12M STRING SET 241139


Babolat RPM POWER 12M STRING SET 241139

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Babolat RPM Power 12M String Set (241139)

Elevate your tennis game with the Babolat RPM Power 12M String Set, designed to deliver exceptional power, control, and feel. This high-performance string is ideal for aggressive players who rely on heavy topspin and precise shot placement to dominate the court.

Key Features:

Enhanced Power: The RPM Power string is engineered to provide maximum power, allowing you to hit explosive shots with ease. Its unique composition ensures that you can generate significant racquet head speed for powerful and impactful strokes.

Optimal Control: While offering substantial power, this string does not compromise on control. The RPM Power delivers precise shot placement, enabling you to dictate points and maintain accuracy even during aggressive play.

Superior Feel: The string is designed to offer a softer feel compared to traditional polyester strings, reducing arm fatigue and providing a more comfortable playing experience. This makes it suitable for extended matches and practice sessions.

Durability: Made from high-quality co-polyester, the RPM Power string offers excellent durability, ensuring it can withstand the demands of intense play and resist frequent breakage.

Spin Potential: The smooth surface of the string enhances spin potential, allowing you to impart heavy topspin and slice on the ball, giving you a competitive edge during rallies.

Technical Specifications:

Material: Co-polyester

Gauge: 1.25mm (16L gauge)

Length: 12 meters (sufficient for stringing one racquet)

Colour: Electric Blue


The Babolat RPM Power 12M String Set (241139) is perfect for players who seek a blend of power, control, and comfort. Its advanced design and robust construction ensure you can perform at your highest level, match after match. Upgrade your racquet with RPM Power to experience enhanced performance and take your game to new heights.