Babolat Pure Strike team S NC 102402 2019
Babolat Pure Strike team S NC 102402 2019
Babolat Pure Strike team S NC 102402 2019


Babolat Pure Strike team S NC 102402 2019

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BABOLAT Pure Strike Team: Control, Precision, and Lightweight Power


The BABOLAT Pure Strike Team is designed for players who prioritize precision and command on the court. This latest edition embodies the perfect synergy between advanced technology and a design tailored for aggressive, control-focused gameplay.


  1. Lightweight Powerhouse: Weighing in at just 10.7 ounces, the Pure Strike Team ensures agility and quick reflexes, making it a favorite among intermediate players. The lightweight nature doesn’t sacrifice stability, ensuring you maintain your desired power and precision.

  2. Generous Head Size: The 100in² head size offers a delightful balance between forgiveness and control. Players can expect a generous sweet spot, making it easier to maintain consistency even on off-center hits.

  3. String Pattern: With a 16x19 string pattern, players are equipped for a spin-friendly game while retaining the capacity for power and control. The wider spacing between the upper cross strings enhances spin and pace.

  4. Control Frame Technology: This unique hybrid frame construction combines the benefits of a square beam and an elliptical beam. This ensures the perfect mix of control and speed, making the racket versatile for varied playstyles.

  5. C2 Pure Feel: One of the standout features of this racquet is the inclusion of C2 Pure Feel technology. By integrating a flexible viscoelastic rubber at strategic points, the racquet delivers superior comfort, enhanced vibration dampening, and increased dwell time for better ball pocketing.


On groundstrokes, players can expect a crisp response with consistent results. The racquet's design allows for impressive spin potential and pinpoint accuracy. It's agile enough for defensive plays and powerful on the offense, offering a balanced performance for all-court players.

The Pure Strike Team’s nimbleness shines during volleys and service returns, ensuring rapid positioning without losing out on power or precision. And for those crafty players, this racquet offers impeccable touch, making drop shots and delicate slices a lethal weapon.


The BABOLAT Pure Strike Team stands as an embodiment of refined engineering, tailored to meet the needs of modern tennis. It’s a perfect fit for intermediate players seeking a racquet that offers a harmonious blend of control, power, and agility. With its blend of technological advancements and a player-centric design, it promises to be a game-changer on the court.

Strung or Unstrung? Strung in Babolat SpiralTek
Weight Unstrung (+/- 5g) 285
Head Size (sq. in) 100
Beam Width (mm) 21-23-21
Balance (+/- 5mm) 330
String Pattern 16x19
Length (inches) 27
Stringing Tension Range (lbs) 50-59 lbs
Composition Graphite


BABOLAT Pure Strike 3rd Generation: Redefining Modern Control Long for that quintessential feel of tennis? As an assertive player, you don't just hit; you command. The Pure Strike is tailored to resonate with your aggressive gameplay. Dynamic control meets pure tactile feedback, ensuring you don't just play, but make a statement with each strike.

Dive into the era of contemporary tennis with Pure Strike, the gold standard for today's game. Unveil what it holds for your tennis journey.

Note: BABOLAT's pro players might sport a variant or customized version compared to the showcased equipment.

Key Benefits:

  1. SHARP CONTROL: For the ambitious and fearless – those who play forward, take calculated risks, and revel in dictating from the net or firing winners from the baseline. The 3rd generation Pure Strike is enhanced for responsiveness, letting you seize control, leaving no room for your opponent.

  2. FEEL: Trust is paramount. To execute your gameplay, you need stability and a tangible sense of ball pocketing. The Pure Strike encapsulates this very essence, replete with innovations that grant an unparalleled touch.

Key Technology

C² Pure Feel

  • C² PURE FEEL: In collaboration with SMAC, the latest in feel technology emerges: A revolutionary vibration dampening system that ensures every strike resonates with a pure, undiluted feel.

Control Frame Technology

  • CONTROL FRAME TECHNOLOGY: A harmonious blend of design and functionality. It fuses the steadiness of a square beam frame with the vigor of an elliptic structure. The outcome? Absolute control.

Command the court with BABOLAT's Pure Strike – where sharp control meets a pure sensation, ensuring every play is not just a stroke, but a statement.