Babolat Pure Strike Lite 265g 101408 Unstrung
Babolat Pure Strike Lite 265g 101408 Unstrung
Babolat Pure Strike Lite 265g 101408 Unstrung


Babolat Pure Strike Lite 265g 101408 Unstrung

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Pure Strike Lite: Precision Meets Agility

In the ever-evolving world of tennis, adaptability and precision become pivotal. The Pure Strike Lite, a masterpiece by BABOLAT, brings forth the magic of perfect balance. Whether you're a budding tennis prodigy stepping into the adult league or a player with a penchant for lighter racquets, the Pure Strike Lite is designed to resonate with your playing style while ensuring you don't compromise on control.

Features & Benefits

  1. Adaptability: Tailored for those making the leap from junior to adult tennis, the Pure Strike Lite ensures the transition is seamless. Its lightweight nature also caters to players who value agility without sacrificing the power of their shots.

  2. Sharp Control: The 3rd generation of the Pure Strike series has been meticulously crafted to align with aggressive gameplay. Whether you're an avid net-attacker or someone who rules the baseline, the enhanced responsiveness of the frame is a game-changer. Dictate the pace, choose your spots, and watch as the racquet obeys your command.

  3. Unparalleled Feel: The relationship between a player and their racquet is intimate. With the Pure Strike Lite, BABOLAT has achieved a synthesis of stability and touch. The racquet's design ensures that players can take early shots with confidence while experiencing a profound sense of ball pocketing. This not only provides precision but also amplifies the tactile connection between player and racquet.

  4. Modern Game, Modern Racquet: Tennis has evolved, and so has the equipment. With the Pure Strike's sharp control, players get a racquet that's tuned to the needs of the modern game. Dynamic control meets pure feel, ensuring that each shot, whether a slicing serve or a powerful groundstroke, is delivered with pinpoint accuracy.

  5. Technological Prowess: The new Pure Strike is more than just a racquet; it's a testament to BABOLAT's commitment to innovation. Embedded with the latest technologies, it promises to enhance every aspect of a player's game, from control to power to touch.

In Conclusion

The Pure Strike Lite is not just a racquet; it's a revolution in lightweight precision. By fusing the best of control and feel, BABOLAT provides players with a tool that complements their skill and ambition. Take to the court with the confidence that each swing, each shot, each moment is under your command. With the Pure Strike Lite in hand, the court is truly yours. Own it.



Weight Unstrung (+/- 5g) 265
Head Size (sq. in) 100
Beam Width (mm) 21-23-21
Balance (+/- 5mm) 330
String Pattern 16x19
Length (inches) 27
Stringing Tension Range (lbs) 50-59 lbs
Composition Graphite

Experience unmatched precision with every shot using the Pure Strike by BABOLAT. Designed for those who don't just play, but dominate, this racket brings sharp control to the fore, letting you dictate the pace, the place, and the style.

BABOLAT Pure Strike 3rd Generation: Redefining Modern Control Long for that quintessential feel of tennis? As an assertive player, you don't just hit; you command. The Pure Strike is tailored to resonate with your aggressive gameplay. Dynamic control meets pure tactile feedback, ensuring you don't just play, but make a statement with each strike.

Dive into the era of contemporary tennis with Pure Strike, the gold standard for today's game. Unveil what it holds for your tennis journey.

Note: BABOLAT's pro players might sport a variant or customized version compared to the showcased equipment.

Key Benefits:

  1. SHARP CONTROL: For the ambitious and fearless – those who play forward, take calculated risks, and revel in dictating from the net or firing winners from the baseline. The 3rd generation Pure Strike is enhanced for responsiveness, letting you seize control, leaving no room for your opponent.

  2. FEEL: Trust is paramount. To execute your gameplay, you need stability and a tangible sense of ball pocketing. The Pure Strike encapsulates this very essence, replete with innovations that grant an unparalleled touch.

Key Technology

C² Pure Feel

  • C² PURE FEEL: In collaboration with SMAC, the latest in feel technology emerges: A revolutionary vibration dampening system that ensures every strike resonates with a pure, undiluted feel.

Control Frame Technology

  • CONTROL FRAME TECHNOLOGY: A harmonious blend of design and functionality. It fuses the steadiness of a square beam frame with the vigor of an elliptic structure. The outcome? Absolute control.

Command the court with BABOLAT's Pure Strike – where sharp control meets a pure sensation, ensuring every play is not just a stroke, but a statement.