Babolat Pure Aero 2023
Babolat Pure Aero 2023
Babolat Pure Aero 2023
Babolat Pure Aero 2023


Babolat Pure Aero 2023

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A new era in the world of tennis racquets is upon us with Babolat's Pure Aero 2023 edition. As the latest iteration in an iconic line, the 2023 Pure Aero brilliantly fuses spin, speed, and power to cater to a wide range of players from club enthusiasts to seasoned pros.

Key Features:

  1. Unparalleled Versatility: Tipping the scales at 300g, this Pure Aero edition is the golden mean of the range, making it an exceptional choice for players looking for a blend of power and control.

  2. Enhanced Feel and Sensation: With the NF²-Tech flax inserts placed strategically, players are promised a vibration-dampened experience, maximizing comfort without compromising on feedback. The racquet's acoustics, enhanced by these inserts, make every shot resonate with a satisfying sonic touch.

  3. Designed for Spin: With the Cortex Pure Feel now extended to 3 and 9 o'clock positions and the latest SMACWRAP technology, the new Pure Aero promises a spin-friendly response with every swing. The AeroModular3 design further amplifies this characteristic, promoting rapid racquet head speeds and prolific spin generation.

  4. Optimized String Interaction: The new generation FSI Spin technology, combined with the unique 16x19 string pattern and specially designed grommets, ensures a prolonged ball-string contact. The synergy of these technologies translates to heightened control, power, and a unique feel on ball impact.

  5. Legacy of Champions: The lineage of the Pure Aero, tracing back to the AeroPro Drive, is emblematic of tennis legend Rafael Nadal's journey. This racquet is not just a piece of equipment; it's a symbol of tennis royalty, embodying the power and spin that Rafa introduced to the game.


Babolat's Pure Aero 2023 is not just a racquet; it's an experience. From its meticulously crafted design, optimized for spin, to the sonic satisfaction it offers, every detail is a testament to Babolat's dedication to quality and performance. By carrying forward the legacy of its predecessors and introducing cutting-edge enhancements, the Pure Aero 2023 is poised to remain a favorite among players who employ spin as their primary weapon. Whether you're an aggressive baseliner or a nimble net player, this racquet promises to elevate your game to new heights.


Strung or Unstrung? Strung, Unstrung
Weight Unstrung (+/- 5g) 300
Head Size (sq. in) 100
Beam Width (mm) 23-26-23
Balance (+/- 5mm) 320
String Pattern 16x19
Length (inches) 27
Stringing Tension Range (lbs) 50-59
Composition Graphite


Elevate your tennis game with the revamped Pure Aero, meticulously crafted to heighten your court dominance. Let your opponent scramble while you serve with precision and power.

For players aiming to take control at the front and striking balls early, Pure Aero is the game-changer. Perfect your angles and accelerate your plays with its unmatched design.

Highlight Features:


  • NF?-Tech Flax Inserts: Integrated strategically at 3 o'clock, 9 o'clock, and the handle. These natural flax fibres ensure premium shock absorption, delivering unmatched feel and resonance with every hit. Plus, delight in the added sonic quality for that gratifying pop and unparalleled playing experience.

Aeromodular 3

  • AeroModular3 Technology: Babolat's signature tech has evolved. The new design seamlessly merges the bumper and grommets, ensuring the Pure Aero's iconic swift head speeds while amplifying your spin potential.


  • FSI Spin Generation: The new Pure Aero boasts the next-gen FSI Spin. The 16x19 string pattern, combined with uniquely shaped grommets at the racquet's poles, enhances ball and string interaction. This synergizes flawlessly with Babolat's Woofer system, elongating ball contact, and delivering an outstanding feel, control, and comfort on every stroke.

Key Benefits:

  • Spin: A dense string pattern demands commitment in each stroke, allowing for enhanced spin and pinpoint accuracy. Perfect for an aggressive player looking to dominate the court.

  • Sensation: Enhanced flax fibres in the frame amplify the feel, ensuring you dictate rallies with finesse.

  • Power: Unleash your innate power, leaving your opponent always on the defensive.

  • NF2-TECH: Experience game-changing shock absorption and auditory satisfaction, thanks to strategic flax inserts.

  • FSI SPIN TECH: A revamped string pattern with innovative grommets ensures strings move more liberally, facilitating spin enhancement.

  • Woofer System: Maximized ball-to-string contact duration guarantees heightened feel and control.

  • AEROMODULAR 3: An aerodynamically optimized frame, designed to enhance racquet head speed and foster spin creation.

Step onto the court with renewed confidence, as the new Pure Aero amplifies every aspect of your game.