Babolat Boost Aero Rafa S CV Tennis Rkt 121226
Babolat Boost Aero Rafa S CV Tennis Rkt 121226
Babolat Boost Aero Rafa S CV Tennis Rkt 121226
Babolat Boost Aero Rafa S CV Tennis Rkt 121226
Babolat Boost Aero Rafa S CV Tennis Rkt 121226


Babolat Boost Aero Rafa S CV Tennis Rkt 121226

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Step Up Your Game with the Babolat Boost Aero Rafa Racquet


Embrace the spirit of a tennis legend! Drawing inspiration directly from Rafael Nadal's racquet, the Babolat Boost Aero Rafa is tailor-made for beginners or those reigniting their passion for tennis. Infused with a perfect blend of technology and design, this racquet ensures every stroke you make resonates with the flair of a champion.

Distinctive Features & Benefits:

  1. Signature Lightness:

    • Revolutionary Graphite Technology: Dive into the modern era of tennis with a racquet that boasts an all-new graphite structure. Shed the weight without sacrificing durability or lifespan.
    • Experience Unburdened Play: Leave behind the taxing experience of wielding heavy racquets. With the Boost Aero Rafa, every serve, volley, or return feels effortless.
  2. Commanding Power:

    • Grip and Rip: Ergonomically designed to fit perfectly in your hand, this racquet ensures a comfortable grip that translates to power-packed shots.
    • Carbon-Infused Confidence: The added carbon fibre structure augments the racquet's strength, giving you the confidence to dominate every game, set, and match.
  3. Unrivaled Manoeuvrability:

    • Strike with Precision: Inspired by the shots that make Rafa a legend, the Boost Aero Rafa promises exceptional maneuverability. Craft those mesmerizing one-handed backhands or surprise your opponent with a swift drop shot.
    • Balanced Brilliance: With a meticulous balance, this racquet guarantees reduced arm fatigue, enhancing your gameplay duration and odds of success.

Vibrant Design:

Drenched in a captivating palette of Yellow, Purple, and Orange, the Boost Aero Rafa is not just a piece of sports equipment—it's a style statement.


The Babolat Boost Aero Rafa is more than just a racquet; it’s a tribute to tennis excellence, drawing inspiration from one of the greatest players the sport has ever seen. Whether you’re embarking on your tennis journey or seeking a worthy partner on the court, the Boost Aero Rafa promises performance reminiscent of Rafa's prowess.

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Strung or Unstrung? Strung in Babolat Synthetic Gut
Weight Unstrung (+/- 5g) 300
Head Size (sq. in) 100
Beam Width (mm) 23-26-23
Balance (+/- 5mm) 320
String Pattern 16x19
Length (inches) 27
Stringing Tension Range (lbs) 50-59 lbs
Composition Graphite