Babolat Ballfighter 21 2023 140480
Babolat Ballfighter 21 2023 140480
Babolat Ballfighter 21 2023 140480
Babolat Ballfighter 21 2023 140480
Babolat Ballfighter 21 2023 140480


Babolat Ballfighter 21 2023 140480

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Discover the Ballfighter 21 Tennis Racquet: A Game-Changer for Junior Players!


Taking on tennis as a novice can be a daunting task. Recognising this, we've embarked on a mission to simplify and enhance the learning process for the youngest enthusiasts of the sport. With the Ballfighter 21, we introduce a racquet meticulously crafted for kids, combining innovation, aesthetics, and functionality.

Features & Benefits:

  1. Striking Aesthetics: Adorned with vibrant colours and a catchy design, the Ballfighter 21 doesn't just perform well—it stands out! We believe that a touch of style can make learning even more exciting for young players.

  2. Education-Centric Design:

    • Intuitive Teaching Grip: Simplifying the fundamentals, we've integrated an instructive grip to answer the initial queries any beginner might have about holding the racquet.
    • Visual Guidance: A mini ball and racquet illustration on the frame act as a constant visual reminder, ensuring the child gets their grip and swing just right.
  3. Superior Maneuverability:

    • Feather-Light Aluminium: The Ballfighter 21 is crafted from premium aluminium, making it astonishingly light and easy for kids to handle.
    • Kid-Friendly Specifications: With an enlarged head for a more forgiving strike zone and a grip sculpted for smaller hands, this racquet is a dream come true for young tennis enthusiasts.

Global Recommendation: Our efforts and innovations haven't gone unnoticed. Over 6000 coaches from across the globe trust and recommend the Ballfighter series. This endorsement alone speaks volumes about its efficacy.


The Ballfighter 21 isn't just another tennis racquet—it's a bridge to a child's tennis dreams. If you wish to ensure that your child's first steps in tennis are filled with fun, confidence, and progress, look no further.

Discover the future of junior tennis with the Ballfighter 21. Tailored for kids between 110-125 cm, this racquet is the amalgamation of style, innovation, and education. Join the global community of coaches and parents who choose nothing but the best for young tennis enthusiasts.


Weight Unstrung (+/- 5g) 180
Head Size in Sq. in 92
Beam Width (mm) 20
Balance (+/- 5mm) 256
String Pattern 14x15
Length (inches) 21
Composition Aluminium