Babolat Ballfighter 19 -2023 140479
Babolat Ballfighter 19 -2023 140479
Babolat Ballfighter 19 -2023 140479
Babolat Ballfighter 19 -2023 140479
Babolat Ballfighter 19 -2023 140479


Babolat Ballfighter 19 -2023 140479

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Introducing the Ballfighter 19 Tennis Racquet: Where Learning Meets Fun!


With tennis often viewed as a challenging sport for newcomers, we've taken it upon ourselves to redefine the learning curve for our youngest players. Enter the Ballfighter 19 – a racquet specifically designed for children between the heights of 95 to 110 cm. This isn't just another racquet; it's a revolution in junior tennis training.

Features & Benefits:

  1. Vibrant Design: The Ballfighter 19 boasts a playful and lively design, ensuring that your young tennis enthusiast is not only equipped with the best tool but also the most stylish one on the court.

  2. Focused on Education:

    • Teaching Grip: We recognize the initial struggles every tennis player faces. To address the age-old questions of grip and racquet orientation, the Ballfighter 19 features a unique teaching grip.
    • Visual Aids: Further aiding the learning process, a small ball and racquet illustration on the frame visually guide the player about the racquet's different sides, making it easier to understand and execute different strokes.
  3. Enhanced Maneuverability:

    • Lightweight Aluminium Build: No more cumbersome racquets that are hard to swing. The Ballfighter 19, made from high-grade aluminium, ensures a lightweight experience.
    • Optimized for Kids: With a larger racquet head for a more forgiving sweet spot and a grip tailored for small hands, this racquet is truly built keeping young players in mind.

Trusted by the Best: It's not just us singing praises. With 6000 coaches worldwide recommending the Ballfighter range, you know your child is in good hands.


Tennis is a sport of passion, precision, and perseverance. With the Ballfighter 19, we aim to make the journey smoother and more enjoyable for the next generation of tennis stars. So, gear up and let your child ace their tennis journey with the right companion by their side!

Unlock the joy of tennis with Ballfighter 19. Designed especially for kids between 95-110 cm, this racquet brings together innovative design, educational features, and unmatched maneuverability. Join thousands of coaches worldwide in choosing the best for the budding tennis champs.

Weight unstrung 5.6 oz / 160 g
Composition Aluminium
Length 19.02 in / 48.3 cm
String Pattern 14x14
Height 90 - 100 cm (4 years old)
Reference 140479