Ashaway NanoQube XX
Ashaway NanoQube XX
Ashaway NanoQube XX
Ashaway NanoQube XX
Ashaway NanoQube XX
Ashaway NanoQube XX


Ashaway NanoQube XX

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Ashaway NanoQube XX Badminton Racket Overview


The Ashaway NanoQube XX Badminton Racket is a top-tier racket designed for players who seek a blend of power, control, and agility in their game. This racket is part of Ashaway's innovative NanoQube series, which incorporates advanced technology and materials to enhance playability for competitive badminton players.

Key Features

  • NanoQube Technology: Utilizes nanometric structures within the frame to optimize racket strength and stability, resulting in enhanced precision and power.
  • Frame Composition: Constructed with high-quality materials that combine resilience and flexibility, the frame supports aggressive play and quick shot execution.
  • Balanced Design: Offers a harmonious blend of weight and balance, providing players with the ability to execute powerful shots while maintaining control and accuracy.
  • Aerodynamic Frame: The frame’s design minimizes air resistance, allowing for faster swings and improved maneuverability during play.
  • Shaft Flexibility: The racket features a medium-stiff shaft, which is ideal for players who desire a balance between power and control in their shots.
  • String Tension Compatibility: Can support high string tensions, catering to players who prefer a tighter stringbed for sharper repulsion and control.

Ideal for

  • Competitive Players: Suited for advanced players who participate in tournaments and demand a racket that can deliver under high-pressure scenarios.
  • All-Round Performers: Players who require a racket that offers a balance between power, control, and speed will find the NanoQube XX to be an excellent choice.
  • Aggressive Play Style: Ideal for players who rely on smashes, fast drives, and precise net play.


The Ashaway NanoQube XX Badminton Racket is a premium choice for serious badminton enthusiasts. Its innovative design and advanced technology cater to the needs of competitive players seeking a racket that provides a competitive edge. With its balanced performance and aerodynamic qualities, it's designed to excel in various aspects of the game, making it a versatile and valuable addition to any player's arsenal.