Apacs Feather Weight 500 Badminton Racket (Unstrung)
Apacs Feather Weight 500 Badminton Racket (Unstrung)
Apacs Feather Weight 500 Badminton Racket (Unstrung)


Apacs Feather Weight 500 Badminton Racket (Unstrung)

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  • The Apacs Feather Weight 500 badminton racket, particularly in its Grey 7U1 variant, is a standout choice for players prioritizing speed and agility in their game. Recognized as one of the lightest badminton rackets on the market, it's specially designed for players who value swift, sharp movements and quick reaction times. Here's an overview of its key features, benefits, and overall suitability:

    Key Features:

    1. Ultra-Lightweight Design: As a 7U racket, it typically weighs around 67-68 grams, making it one of the lightest rackets available.

    2. Frame Composition: Made with high-quality, lightweight materials like carbon nanotube or graphite to maintain strength without adding weight.

    3. Balance: Generally even-balanced or slightly head-heavy to provide a good blend of power and speed without being too demanding on the wrist and arm.

    4. Shaft Flexibility: Usually features a medium or medium-stiff shaft, offering a balance between power and control.

    5. Aerodynamic Frame: Designed for minimal air resistance, allowing for faster swings and quick reflexes.

    6. String Tension: Compatible with high string tensions, giving advanced players the flexibility to customize according to their play style.


    • Maneuverability: Exceptionally light, enabling quick swings, rapid responses, and ease in executing fast-paced shots.
    • Control: Offers precise shot placement, suitable for players who rely on skill and accuracy.
    • Less Fatigue: Reduces the risk of arm fatigue, making it ideal for players who play for extended periods.
    • Versatility: Well-suited for both offensive and defensive play, thanks to its balanced design.


    • Player Level: Ideal for intermediate to advanced players who have developed good technique and wrist strength.
    • Playing Style: Perfect for players who enjoy a fast-paced game and rely on quick reflexes and agility.
    • Use Cases: Excellent for competitive play, especially in doubles where speed and reaction time are crucial.

    Maintenance Tips:

    • Regularly check for frame and string damage.
    • Store in a protective case, preferably with some moisture-absorbing desiccants.
    • Avoid leaving it in extreme temperatures or direct sunlight.


    The Apacs Feather Weight 500 in Grey 7U1 variant is a top-tier choice for badminton players seeking a feather-light racket that doesn't compromise on power and control. Its ultra-lightweight nature combined with a balanced design makes it a formidable tool in the hands of a skilled player, especially those who thrive in fast-paced gameplay. Whether you're competing in tournaments or enjoying rigorous training sessions, this racket can be a game-changer in elevating your performance.