Yonex PERCEPT Racket Family: A Symphony of Innovation and Artistry

Yonex PERCEPT Racket Family: A Symphony of Innovation and Artistry

In the realm of tennis equipment, Yonex has consistently stood at the forefront of innovation, pushing boundaries and redefining the way players interact with the game. This year, Yonex once again captivates the tennis world with the introduction of the Yonex PERCEPT racket family, a groundbreaking series that marries cutting-edge technology with artistic inspiration.

PERCEPT range releasing 25/08/23, pre order now

Unleash Your Potential with Yonex PERCEPT**

The Yonex PERCEPT racket family transcends conventional boundaries, inviting players to embark on a journey of self-expression. Step onto the court armed with the Yonex PERCEPT racket and immerse yourself in a symphony of precision, power, and creativity. The canvas is yours, and the Yonex PERCEPT is your instrument to shape a masterpiece on the court.

The PERCEPT series features a host of groundbreaking technologies that elevate gameplay:

Precision Sensory Feedback: The SERVO FILTER Revolution

Central to the PERCEPT model is the game-changing SERVO FILTER, an ingenious technology that harnesses vibrations and translates them into precise sensory feedback. Swiftly dampening unnecessary vibrations, this innovation enables players to craft shots with unparalleled precision and finesse. The symphony of connection between racket and ball is elevated to a new height, allowing players to orchestrate each stroke with unwavering accuracy.

Masterful Ball-Pocketing: The FlexCon System

In the pursuit of perfect ball placement, the FlexCon System within the PERCEPT empowers players with an advanced level of ball-pocketing capability. As the racket shaft flexes and extends upon impact, players gain effortless control over ball trajectory and placement, dictating the rhythm and direction of each rally. 

Elevate Your Trajectory: Frame Enhancements

Stability and predictability are elevated through the PERCEPT's advanced frame enhancements. A meticulously crafted graphite composition within the frame ensures a stable racket face upon impact, translating to a more precise and predictable ball trajectory. 

Innovative Technologies Unleashed: ISOMETRIC™ Sweet Spot 

A 7% larger sweet spot, a hallmark of the iconic square-shaped ISOMETRIC™ racket design, delivers enhanced control and power. This design principle, pioneered by Yonex in 1980, optimises the intersection of main and cross strings, resulting in greater control.

Unlock spin potential: 2G-NAMD™ FLEX FORCE**

The Flex Force graphite within the PERCEPT series facilitates explosive spin and ball acceleration off the string bed, infusing each shot with a dynamic edge. 

*All performance claims tested by Yonex.

Introducing the Yonex PERCEPT Family 

In the dynamic world of tennis, finding the perfect instrument to complement your playing style is paramount. Enter the Yonex PERCEPT racket family, a meticulously crafted collection that redefines precision, power, and versatility on the court. Designed to cater to a diverse spectrum of players, from intermediate enthusiasts to advanced competitors, the PERCEPT series encapsulates Yonex's commitment to pushing the boundaries of tennis innovation.

Yonex Percept 97H: Masterful Stability and Feel

For those who seek the pinnacle of stability, the Yonex Percept 97H stands as an epitome of controlled power. With an ample head size of 97 square inches and a string pattern of 16x19, this racquet seamlessly combines ease of targeting with an exceptional feel. Its standard length and unstrung weight of 330g create a formidable frame that resonates with players desiring uncompromising stability and precision on every shot. *Made in Japan*

Yonex Percept 97D: A Canvas of Control

Precision meets artistry in the Yonex Percept 97D, the ultimate choice for players seeking unparalleled control. Boasting a string pattern of 18x20 within its 97 square inches head size, this racquet empowers intermediate and advanced players to command the court with accuracy. At a standard length and an unstrung weight of 320g, the Percept 97D becomes a conduit for crafting shots that navigate the court with surgical precision. *Made in Japan*

Yonex Percept 97: Surgical Speed and Manoeuvrability 

The Yonex Percept 97 emerges as a masterpiece of manoeuvrability, catering to players who thrive on speed and finesse. With a head size of 97 square inches and a 16x19 string pattern, this player's racquet delivers impressive control and feel. At a standard length and an unstrung weight of 310g, the Percept 97 becomes an extension of the player's arm, enabling lightning-fast responses and precise placement. *Made in Japan*

Yonex Percept 100D: Precision Redefined

Step into the realm of precision redefined with the Yonex Percept 100D. With a head size of 100 square inches and an 18x19 string pattern, this racquet offers intermediate and advanced players enhanced control as they dictate the rhythm of the game. A standard length and an unstrung weight of 305g ensure that the Percept 100D becomes a conduit for driving the ball through the court with unmatched accuracy. *Made in Japan*

Yonex Percept 100: A Fusion of Forgiveness and Power

Discover the perfect fusion of forgiveness and power with the Yonex Percept 100. Offering a head size of 100 square inches and a 16x19 string pattern, this racquet caters to players who crave a spin-friendly modern player's racquet. At a standard length and an unstrung weight of 300g, the Percept 100 provides controllable power and exceptional feel, elevating your game to new heights. *Made in Japan*

Yonex Percept 100L: Effortless Elegance

Lightness meets elegance in the Yonex Percept 100L. Crafted for ease of use, this racquet boasts an unstrung weight of 280g, ensuring that players experience a seamless blend of maneuverability and power. A standard length and 100 square inches head size create a canvas for effortless strokes and controlled shots. *Made in Japan*

Yonex Percept Game: Affordable Excellence

For those seeking an affordable yet exceptional option, the Yonex Percept Game stands as a testament to Yonex's commitment to inclusivity. With a 100 square inches head size and an unstrung weight of 270g, this racquet offers players an opportunity to experience the same ideology of precision and versatility that defines the PERCEPT series.

Pre-order the PERCEPT range here, releasing 25/08/23

*All specifications and features mentioned are based on Yonex's testing and engineering.

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