Introducing the Wilson Blade racket range

Introducing the Wilson Blade racket range

In the dynamic world of tennis, few racket ranges have left a lasting impact like the Wilson Blade series, revered by recreational enthusiasts and professionals alike. Join us as we dive into the remarkable features, player endorsements, and cutting-edge technology that define the Wilson Blade range.

The Evolution of the Wilson Blade

Over the past decade, the Wilson Blade range has garnered widespread popularity, establishing itself as a go-to option for players looking for an exceptional all-rounder. Its remarkable ability to blend control and forgiveness has propelled players of all levels to experience improved gameplay. With its eighth-generation release, the Blade continues to push the boundaries of performance, offering a stunning design that changes hues in different lights.

The Blade's prowess is underscored by its impressive roster of professional players who swear by it. Tennis legends such as Milos Raonic, Emma Raducanu, Serena Williams, and Stephanos Tsitsipas have wielded their Blades to secure countless victories on the biggest stage. The Blade's ability to deliver feel, touch, and precision has elevated these athletes' performances, emphasising its versatility across playing styles.

Innovation in Every Racket

The Blade range presents a diverse lineup, each designed to cater to unique player preferences. Let's explore some standout models:

Blade 98 (16x19) - This Blade model merges captivating design with an innovative layup, catering to modern, vertical swing paths. Enhanced flexibility and stability from the FORTYFIVE° technology provide supreme feel and control, making it the ultimate choice for aggressive ball-strikers.

Blade 98 (18x20) -  A staple of the Blade collection, this model boasts a closed string pattern for feel and control. Ideal for players seeking precision and accuracy, it maintains the Blade's signature attributes while evolving its design and composition.

Blade 98S - With pioneering Spin Effect Technology, this model excels at increasing ball rotation without altering your swing. Perfect for players employing a modern, vertical swing path, the Blade 98S v8 combines ease of spin with appealing design.

Blade 100 - This model comes with a larger head size and bigger sweet spot, striking a balance between feel, control, and power. It offers enhanced performance while preserving the Blade's optimal characteristics.

Blade 100L - A lightweight version of the Blade 100, this racket retains the larger head size but provides more manoeuvrability without compromising on precision.

Blade 100UL - The lightest in the Blade collection, this model features a slightly larger head size, offering great feel and control. Its lightweight design ensures swift swings and comfortable gameplay.

Innovative Technologies 

Parallel Drilling - Grommet construction offers a forgiving string bed response, expanding the sweet spot and improving overall consistency.

FORTYFIVE° - Patent-protected frame layup enhances connected-to-the-ball feel while complementing the modern, vertical swing path.

Agiplast - Eco-conscious components reduce the environmental footprint of the racket.

Braided Graphite + Basalt - Elastic and reactive material combination improves racket flex, resulting in enhanced feel and control.

Top Grip Taper - Tapered grip enhances feel for top-handed grip placement.

DirectConnect - Carbon fiber handle connects directly to the end cap for improved feel and torsional stability.

Elevate your game 

The Wilson Blade range offers players a comprehensive arsenal of tools to dominate the court. From its evolution through generations to the integration of innovative technologies, the Blade range stands as a testament to Wilson's commitment to excellence. With options designed to cater to varying playing styles and skill levels, the Wilson Blade range is your gateway to unlocking unmatched feel, control, and versatility. 

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