RSL Shuttle Facts

RSL Shuttle Facts

RSL Shuttlecocks, recognized for their exceptional quality, undergo meticulous testing in areas like flight path, stability, and speed, with factors like weight, circumference, and feather angle crucially impacting performance. The range includes models like the tournament-grade Classic Tourney and the versatile Classic No3, each designed for specific play levels and needs. RSL's commitment to precision and a diverse product line makes it a favored choice among badminton enthusiasts.

RSL Shuttle Facts

 A Brand with a Rich History

RSL (Reinforced Shuttlecocks Limited) has been a prominent name in the world of badminton for many years. Since its inception, RSL has been synonymous with quality and innovation in the production of shuttlecocks. Over the years, the brand has carved out a niche for itself by consistently delivering products that meet the high demands of badminton players worldwide. 

Why are there different circumferences

The differences in the circumferences of RSL shuttlecocks are a result of the brand's attention to the specific needs of different playing conditions and preferences. Different circumferences can affect the speed and flight characteristics of the shuttlecocks. RSL carefully designs their shuttlecocks to cater to various environments and player requirements, ensuring optimal performance under different conditions. Having the ability to make different circumferences and angles of the feather enable less wastage and more consistent speed and flight path.

How RSL Test shuttlecocks

RSL tests their shuttlecocks for speed during manufacturing by conducting specific tests that assess how the shuttlecocks behave in flight. These tests are designed to ensure that the shuttlecocks meet the required standards of speed and performance. The speed of a shuttlecock is a crucial factor in badminton, as it affects the gameplay. RSL's testing methods likely involve precise measurements and controlled conditions to accurately determine the speed characteristics of each shuttlecock, ensuring consistency and reliability in their products.

Using 3 Categories of the test:

1 - Flight Path

2 - Stability

3 - Speed

This then ensures that the consistency of a batch of shuttles is very high.

How many hands to make a shuttle

Does weight affect speed


Yes, the weight of an RSL shuttlecock can affect its speed. In badminton, the weight and balance of a shuttlecock are crucial factors in determining its flight characteristics, including speed. A heavier shuttlecock tends to fly slower than a lighter one. The weight distribution in the shuttlecock, particularly between the feathers and the cork base, also plays a significant role in how it behaves in the air. Manufacturers like RSL carefully design and test their shuttlecocks to ensure the right balance and weight for optimal speed and performance.

However there are 3 main factors

1 - Weight

2 - Circumference

3 - Angle of the feathers

So it is possible to make shuttles of the same speed at totally different weights by manipulating the circumference and feather angles.

So check out the range of RSL Shuttles we offer here at Central Sports now, and try out one of the world's oldest and most prestigious shuttlecock brands. We highly recommend trying the RSL Classic Tourney and RSL Tourney No 3 for their exceptional quality and performance. These shuttlecocks embody the excellence and tradition of RSL, offering players a remarkable experience on the court. Whether you're a seasoned player or just starting, these shuttlecocks are sure to elevate your game. Discover the difference with RSL's trusted and celebrated shuttlecocks today.

 The RSL Shuttlecock Range

Let's delve into the range of RSL shuttlecocks available:

  1. RSL Classic Tourney Shuttlecocks : This variant is designed for tournament play. It offers precision and consistency, making it a favourite among competitive players. Its durability and flight stability make it ideal for high-level matches. BWF Approved and used at international tournament level.

  1. RSL Classic No1 Shuttlecocks : The Classic No1 is known for its balance between durability and performance. It's a great all-rounder shuttlecock, suitable for both practice and competitive games.

  1. RSL Classic No2 Shuttlecocks : Maintains the same feel and flight path as it’s older brothers but at a lower price point.

  1. RSL Classic No3 Shuttlecocks : Designed for club level, the Classic No3 is an excellent choice for club matches. It offers good durability and consistent performance, making it ideal for players looking to improve their game, grab value for money and a really competitive shuttle at its price point.

  1. RSL A9 Shuttlecocks : The A9 is a budget offering from RSL, designed with price in mind. It provides decent performance and is tailored for training and leisure play. Its feather quality and precision in manufacturing make it maintain the RSL consistency but feather colour and finishing is noticeably less.

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