How do I stay fit for badminton?

How do I stay fit for badminton?

Fitness and recovery are essential to improving your on-court performance. Here are some of the best pieces of equipment to aid your training and recovery process.

Fitness and recovery are essential to improving your on-court performance. Here are some of the best pieces of equipment to aid your training and recovery process.

Whether you are just starting out as a badminton player, or competing at an elite level, agility will be a key area of your game. The speed ladder is a great way to improve how you perform on the court by focusing on acceleration, direction change, and reaction to position changes.

How to use it:

• Fast feet drills
• Coordination drills
• Speed drills
• Leg strength drills

We stock the Rhino Speed Ladder, at 2 and 4 metres.

Skipping Rope
Skipping is a great way to warm up, get your feet moving and start the process of preparing yourself to be on the court. A skipping section can become a part of your daily warm up, as a low impact activity that can help to improve multiple areas of your game including cardio fitness, speed, endurance, and balance.

We offer a selection of skipping ropes, including the Fitness Mad Ultra Speed Rope.

Resistance Band
The resistance band is a multipurpose piece of equipment that can help you to improve your on-court game by promoting correct movement, building strength, and providing safe levels of counter pressure. It is also a highly useful in aiding recovery and helping you to rehabilitate any injuries you might pick up on or off the badminton court.

You can buy set resistance bands from our website, or for a more rounded set, pick up the FM Mini Power Loop set.

K Tape
Multiple rounds of badminton can put strain on your muscles, which can lead to pulls, aches, and pains. K Tape is designed to provide extra support to joints and muscles that must deal with high demand when you are playing badminton.

K Tape can help to reduce swelling, increase mobility, and enhance recovery, making it an essential part of any badminton player’s kitbag.

Add the D3 6m reel of K Tape to your kitbag and support tired muscles on the court for injury prevention and fast-track healing.

Foam Roller
Foam rolling is a fantastic exercise, commonly used for self-muscle release. It is like a deep tissue massage for your muscles and is great for working into tight corners that may be causing problems with joints and mobility. It is used for breaking down developed scar tissue and increasing blood flow to your muscles.

Using a foam roller can help to ease muscle pain, increase your range of motion, improve your postural control, and correct muscle imbalances, all things that will improve your badminton performance and aide your off-court recovery.

This Urban Fitness 4 Piece Massage Set is designed to cover all areas of your body that may require massage attention.

Heat Rub
Heat rub generates heat when applied to the skin and increases blood flow, which helps to soothe and relax strained muscles.

Heat gels are an effective way to speed up recovery as you are playing. After multiple rounds of matches, your joints might begin to feel the repetitive strain, so applying a heat rub can help to keep your muscles working through the sets.

Massage Gun
Massage guns are a great way to improve and speed up your recovery. They release tension and fluid buildup in the muscles and increase tissue metabolism.

10-15 minutes with a massage gun after each session can improve your badminton game by increasing circulation, releasing lactic acid build up, breaking down scar tissue, and enhancing your range of movement.

Try the Urban Fitness Massage Gun to speed up your recovery and keep your muscles feeling loose and ready for time on the court.

Training tips by Jordan Hart
Welsh No: 1 Pro Badminton Player

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